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Splunk Alternatives

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Top 10 Splunk Alternatives

Splunk is a big data tool that performs log analysis on the data generated in the real-time. You can use this software to search, examine, and keep a check on all your statistics from any source. Once you’ve analyzed the facts, it can help you to prepare the reports or graphs. The technology is helpful to the businesses as it assists them in determining the data patterns, identifying problems, and also providing business intelligence, proper management, and security.

If you’re planning to buy open source software and searching for better options other than Splunk for some reason, then you can also find good alternatives in the market. Other log analysis tools can serve you well. Some of these provide free trail while some don’t. Hence, using the demo period, you can find out if it works best for you. Let’s look at some of the open source software that can prove as a good alternative.

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#1. Sumo Logic 

It allows you to maintain the infrastructure of your application. Searching and analyzing data logs in real-time is simple. You can easily create and aggregate data. You can monitor and visualize the historical and real-time events. It helps to maintain security and compliance.

FeatureSumo Logic
Installation & SetupCloud-only, SaaS version
FeaturesNot as many apps as Splunk, but all major manufacturers’ products supported. Superior analytics and log-reduction engines.
Pricing (per GB)Starts at $1188 per year (($90 x 12) +108 = 1188) for cloud version
Documentation & SupportMediocre; community support and forums are lacking

#2. Loggly

It enables you to analyze the logs and have a fast searching experience. It has a web-based dashboard. It mainly collects data from the systems that have Syslog compatibility.

Pricing: Starting from: $49.00/month

Pricing model: Freemium

Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required)

Pro - $349.00/pm

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#3. LogZilla

TypeNetOps aggregation, monitoring
Hosting optionsBare Metal, Cloud, SaaS
Supported input methodsSyslog, Web hook, SNMP, Any Unstructured Data
IntegrationsREST API, supports all northbound and southbound integrations
AutomationAutomated actions based on pattern matches

$525:1-year 25 device for email alerts and support

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It has a free version. You can search queries quickly as it uses English-like query language. You can identify performance and capacity issues with the help of real-time subscriptions. You don’t need any hardware, you can access directly from cloud.

Pro version price: variable price according your requirement.

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#5. Mixpanel

It is also one of the favorite data analytics tools. You can use it for monitoring real-time data. Hence, it can help you to identify the errors so that you can eliminate it. It has a web interface which is simple to use and setup. You can use it for viewing and managing events. The feature of people analysis is helpful to keep a track on the user's history. Hence, you can contact the users directly by sending messages, etc. You can also find out the actions performed by each.

Product infoadvanced analytics platform designed for mobile and the web
Pricing$150 minimum
FeaturesNotifications, A/B Testing, Bookmarks, Annotations, Versatile Data Visualization, etc.
Supported deviceWindows, iPhone, Mac, Android, Web-based
IntegrationZapier, iOS, JavaScript, GitHub


It is free and is an excellent open source data collector. If you have any issue with your network and are worried about data loss, then you don’t have to be upset. Fluentd will save the logs in the FS buffer. Hence, you can retrieve it whenever you want. It also provides services such as load balancing, buffering, and retries for maintaining robustness.

Pricing: There is no specific price. As per user requirement they will decide the amount.

#7. LogFaces

It provides excellent support services. You can email your queries, and you will be provided with help as fast as possible. The log data always stays within the premises. It also has an excellent desktop application. However, it doesn't have a free version.

Pricing: Enterprise Edition: $599 per year

Pricing: Site Edition: $1499 per year

#8. Sentry

It is a free open source tool and supports reference map. You can easily spot the errors and solve them. You can also find a hosted version at its official website. Hence, if you don’t want to go through the trouble of maintaining a server of your own, then you can use this version that is available to the users.


          Small                       Medium                      Large                         Enterprise                    
$26(per year)$179(per year)$449(per year)As per user requirement

#9. Syslog-ng

It is also free to use and is an easy to use open source software. The implementation is only possible for systems that have Unix or similar kind of operating system. It has two versions. The first one is an open source edition while the second one is a premium. The software has filtering options that are excellent and flexible. However, it doesn't have advanced filtering options.

Pricing: AS per user requirement

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#10. ELK/Logstash

ELK Stack can also be an excellent choice for open source software. However, it comprises of three tools. They are Logstash, Elasticsearch, and Kibana. It works best when you utilize it. Logstash can help you for collecting data while Kibana will help in data visualization. The other software, Elasticsearch is used for carrying out the search operations. You can either get the three as a single cloud service or as individual ones. However, it is better to use it all together.

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Pricing: As per user requirment


It is true that Splunk is one of the best analytic software. However, there are other substitutes. The reason for its popularity is because many organizations tend to look for the software that provides a good total solution for their problems and Splunk successfully does it. Nowadays, other tools in the market can also prove as a better alternative. They are also cost-effective, and you can choose them according to your requirement. 

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