How to Add a Default Value to a Column in Snowflake

Snowflake is a data warehouse solution that offers innovative features like data cloning, data sharing, data integration, and business intelligence. So, data has a vital role in Snowflake. While working we will insert, delete, and Alter the data. This blog helps you alter the existing columns and add the default values to the column.

Adding default values in Snowflake is carried out using the “ALTER” command. Alter commands change the table name and column name. In this “How to add a default value to the column in Snowflake” blog, you will learn how the “ALTER” command adds the default value. 

Add Default Values to the Column in Snowflake

In Snowflake, adding the default values to the column is difficult. Adversely, we cannot add the default value for the existing column or change it unless the default value is a sequence.

For changing the default for the column that already has the sequence default, utilise the below command:

ALTER TABLE <table_name> ALTER <column_name> SET DEFAULT
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alter table products1
alter id1
set default id1.seq.
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We use Alter command for adding the default values to the column. I hope this information provides you with the required information about adding default values in Snowflake.

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