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How to Round Timestamps in Snowflake

We use timestamps to keep the records of the data online or on the computer. The timestamp shows when certain information is exchanged, created, deleted or modified. In this blog, we will discuss rounding the timestamps.

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Snowflake - Round Timestamps

Truncating or Rounding the Timestamps is useful for “grouping by time.” Following are 
some approaches:

DATA_TRUNC function
select date_trunc(‘second’ , now())

Predefined Functions in Snowflake

If we round by year, we can use the year() function (or month(), day(), week(), etc:

select year(getdate()) as year;
Round and Format the result as the string, e.g. ‘09-2021’
But, if we want to distinguish between the months of end years, we have to utilise 
“to_varchar()” function:
select to_varchar(getdate(), ‘mm-yyyy’);
select to_varchar(getdate(), ‘dd-mm-yyyy’);
select to_varchar(getdate(), ‘dd-mm-yyyy hh’);
select to_varchar(getdate(), ‘dd-mm-yyyy hh:mm’);
select to_varchar(getdate(), ‘dd-mm-yyyy hh:mm:ss’);

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Timestamps are essential to keep the records while information is created, exchanged, and deleted online. I hope this blog provides you with sufficient information about rounding the timestamp.

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