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How to Duplicate a Table in Snowflake

In Snowflake, we will duplicate the table through “copy clone” and “copy as” commands. We can primarily use them for creating schemas, tables, and databases. In this blog, we will learn to duplicate the tables in Snowflake.

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Duplicate a Table in Snowflake

To duplicate a table, we have various methods. As per our intent, we will use the method. 

Copy both the data and table structure include:


create table sessions1_copy clone sessions1;


create table sessions1_copy as
select *
From sessions1;

Copy only specific columns into the fresh table along with the specific data set:

Create table sessions1_dm_2_copy as
from sessions_dm_1
where category = 2;

Copy only specific columns from multiple tables into the latest table with specific data set:

create table users1_sessions12_rpt as
s.start_date1 as session_start_date,
s.end_date1 as session.end_date1,
from sessions1 s
left join user_sessions us on s.id1 = us. session.id1
left join users_1 u on us. user_id1 = u.id1
where u1.active = true;

Copy only table structure, not data

create table users1_copy like users1;
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Cloning the data objects will replicate the data, structure, and particular properties of source table. The cloned table will not have the loading history of source table. I hope this blog provides you with the information about Duplicating tables.

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