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How to Add a NOT NULL Constraint in Snowflake

In Snowflake, Adding a “Not NULL Constraint”  is carried out through the “Alter Table” command. This blog discusses the syntax of “ALTER TABLE” and using it to add “NOT NULL Constraint.”

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Adding the “Not NULL Constraint” to Snowflake tables can lead to inconsistency. We will perform data validation in the application layer to avoid those inconsistencies. In this blog, you will learn to add “NOT NULL Constraint”.

NOT NULL Constraints will add an additional layer of data validation.

While we can carry out the validation in our application layer, bear in mind that inconsistencies can occur; someone forgets to add validation and remove it accidentally, or avoid validations in the console and insert the nulls. The only method is to implement it in our column definition. We are also protected if we are validating the nulls on the database layer.

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Add a NOT NULL Constraint in Snowflake

To apply NOT NULL for the column in the Snowflake, we will use the ALTER TABLE <table_name> ALTER <column_name> command and reiterate the column definition, add the NOT NULL attribute.

alter table products1
alter type not null;
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Constraints will be applied to columns of the tables. As per our requirement and column, we will apply “Not Null Constraint.” I hope this information provides you with the required information about adding “Not Null Constraint”. 

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Last updated: 04 Apr 2023
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