How to Create a View in Snowflake

In Snowflake, we create views for securing the files and set access restrictions to the files. This blog discusses creating views for different purposes.

Create a View in Snowflake

Views are created using the “CREATE VIEW” and “SELECT” commands. We can create the views whenever we require. In this blog, you will learn to create views. 

Views allow you to bind or hide the difficulties or enable restricted access to a little bit of data.

For creating a view, we use the “CREATE VIEW” command:

create view view_name
as select_statement;


create view category1_2_products1_u as
select *
from products1
Where category1 = 2;
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View to restrict read access to only particular columns:

Create view category_products_basic_u as
from products1

A View that displays the top 12 products that offer the highest sold value:

create view top_12_product1_v as
top 12 p1.name1,
p1.unit_price1 * ps1.quantity_sold1 as sold_value1
from product1 p1
left join products_sold1 ps1 on = ps1.product_id
order by sold_value1 desc;

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We create views for displaying the chosen columns and rows in multiple tables. I hope this information is adequate for working with views.

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