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How to Delete Data in Snowflake

Snowflake is a freeware database that helps us maintain the data foundation. We can use it in the cloud or on-premises. Using Snowflake, we can arrange and delete the data easily. In this blog, you will learn how to delete the data from the Snowflake tables.

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Delete Data in Snowflake

In Snowflake, we will delete the unwanted data through the “DELETE” command. As data is stored in tables, we can delete a particular row or multiple rows by specifying the condition. This article helps you delete the data through different methodologies.

For deleting the rows from the Snowflake table, we utilise the “DELETE” statement:


delete from sessions1 where id =8;
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Using the “WHERE” clause is optional, but we need it to delete a particular from the data.

delete from sessions1;

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We use the “Delete” command and the “WHERE” clause to delete the data. By using certain conditions, we can delete the data we want. I hope this article provides you with the required information about data deletion in Snowflake.

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