How to create an Index in Snowflake

Snowflake does not support Index, but it uses a clustering key to get the query performance. The clustering key is defined as the subset of externally appointed columns for co-locating the data in the table. This blog allows you to create the Clustering key.

Create an Index in Snowflake

Rather than creating or dropping the index in Snowflake, we can utilize the clustering key for achieving the query performance. For creating the clustering key, we use ALTER TABLE . CLUSTER BY command:


alter table table_name cluster by (column1, column2, …, columnN);


Cluster on a single column

alter table active_users1
cluster by (id1)
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Cluster on multiple columns

alter table active_users1
cluster by (id1, active1)

But, we should be careful about using the clustering keys. The clustering key must be used only when we are handling tables of the below properties:

  • Tables containing a vast amount of data.
  • Data from the tables are filtered frequently.

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Clustering enables us to co-locate the data in similar micro-partitions. It is suitable for huge tables where the ordering is not good. I hope this article gives you adequate information about creating Clustering keys.

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Last updated: 04 Apr 2023
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