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How to do Type Casting in Snowflake

Almost every programming language supports typecasting. So, Snowflake also supports type casting. This blog teaches you to perform type casting as per your requirement. 

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Snowflake - Type Casting

Snowflake is not severe with the Type Casting. For instance, subtracting the numeric value in the string quotes from another numeric value with not giving the general errors other programming languages and databases will provide:

select 20 + ‘20’;

But, as the requirement originates, we can utilize the “cast()” function for forcing the kind of the value:


  1. --cast float to integer
    select cast(2.356789 as int);
  2. --cast string to date
    select cast(‘2022-06-09’ as date);
  3. --cast string to decimal
    select cast(‘10.789’ as decimal (6,3));
  4. --cast string to time
    select cast(‘09:50’ as time);

We can cast to various Snowflake types like char, binary, date, varchar, float, time, decimal, and date time.

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In Snowflake, we can convert the data type of the values. As per the value, we can force the data type. I hope this blog is sufficient for converting the data types of values.

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