How to Alter a Sequence in Snowflake

Altering the sequence is a process of modifying the sequence of numbers in a series. For altering the sequence, we will use “Alter Sequence”  and “Increment” commands. This blog illustrates those commands with examples.

In Snowflake, we can create a number sequence through the “create sequence”  command.  After creating the sequence, we can alter the sequence. In this blog, we will discuss altering the sequence.

By default, auto-incrementing columns start at 1. But, sometimes, we want them to begin at a different number or/and increment by a different amount. These numbers are called “sequences.” The syntax for creating Sequences:

Alter Sequence in Snowflake

create sequence sequence_name

start = number1;
increment = number1;
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create sequence odd_numbers

start = 1;
increment = 2;

create sequence positive_numbers

start = 0;
increment = 1;

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For altering the sequences, we should use the “ALTER SEQUENCE” command:

  1. Changing the Number of the sequence:
alter sequence odd numbers
set increment  = 11;

      2. Setting a Comment for the Sequence

alter sequence odd_numbers
set comment = ‘odd dozens’

      3. Renaming the Sequence

alter sequence odd_numbers rename to odd_numbers_dozens;


In Snowflake, we will create the sequence to print the numbers in order. When we want to change the order, we will alter the sequence. I hope this article gives you sufficient information about Altering the Sequence in Snowflake.

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