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Want to level up your Jira skills? Want to tackle real-world Jira challenges effortlessly? You can stop here. In this blog, you can discover the cutting-edge Jira projects that will take your Jira practical skills to the next level. At the end of the article, you will become familiar with crucial Jira concepts, skills you will gain, and a lot more.

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  In this fast-driven digital world, project management is one of the key drivers that decides a business’s success. Thanks to Jira software. Jira has been a great choice for many companies to manage their projects efficiently.

As many IT and non-IT companies increasingly use Jira, the demand for Jira administrators is always on the rise. But the important thing is that you must have solid hands-on skills to stand out. No worries! Jira projects will help to improve your practical skills. This blog includes the key Jira projects to boost your hard skills and bag your dream job.

Let’s dive in!

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What Is Jira?

Jira is the product of Atlassian Company. It is one of the go-to agile project management tools. It is an automation tool that simplifies project planning, releasing, tracking, and reporting. You can use Jira for issue tracking, automate workflows, and more.

What is Jira?

Moreover, Jira provides scrum and Kanban boards for teams to manage issues and projects efficiently. You can tightly track the progress of projects through Jira's timeline feature. Above all, Jira is a flexible tool that supports seamless integration with thousands of applications.

Well! Now, you may trigger a question – what are Jira projects, and why are they important?

The following section discusses the importance of working on Jira projects in detail.

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Jira Projects – Why?

According to Glassdoor, Jira administrators make an average salary of around 8 LPA in India. In the USA, Jira administrators earn an average salary of 90k USD annually. These figures show that choosing Jira as a career is the best choice.


Why Jira Projects?

According to Statista, Atlassian's revenue is constantly increasing year by year. The company generated revenue of 3.5 billion USD in 2023. This figure indicates that the number of Jira customers is increasing every year. Top companies like CTS, Wipro, Capgemini, Dell, TEKsystems, etc., hire Jira admins in massive numbers every year. So, making a career in Jira is promising and rewarding.

Now, it begs the question - how can you ace Jira interviews and land your dream job?

The answer is that simple. You need to sharpen your hard skills in Jira. Working on Jira projects will help to enhance your hard skills to greater heights. More to the point, the projects will strengthen your portfolio and accelerate your career journey.

It’s not a wonder if you pose this question. Is there any requirement to learn Jira projects?

Yes, there are. Coming up is the section that will clear your doubts neatly.

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Prerequisites for Jira Projects:

Let’s look at the prerequisites that you must satisfy before learning Jira projects.

  • Complete knowledge of project management and software development lifecycle
  • Exposure to agile methodologies and best practices
  • Good understanding of Jira basics, concepts, and interface
  • Familiar with Linux and Windows operating systems
  • Decent knowledge of cloud computing and data storage
  • Good collaboration and communication skills

Yes! If you fulfill the above requirements, learning Jira projects will be an easy deal.

Another crucial question is – what skills will I gain by practicing Jira projects?

Don’t worry! The following section will outline the skills.

Skills You Will Develop:

Let’s go through the skills you will develop by practicing Jira projects.

  • Expertise in adding users and configuring user permissions in Jira
  • Strong exposure to creating and automating workflows
  • Familiar with creating Jira projects
  • Proficiency in troubleshooting missing notifications and permission problems
  • Expertise in source code management tools like Bitbucket.
  • Excellent project-management skills and time-management skills.

Of course! You will gain the above skills by learning Jira projects. It will help to advance your career, undoubtedly.

Next, we will dive into Jira projects.

Key Jira Projects:

in this section, we bring together some innovative Jira projects. The projects will give you the hard skills to kick-start your career journey in Jira.

What are you waiting for? Let’s jump into the projects!

Jira Dashboard

The goal of this project is to build a dashboard using custom widgets. You can construct the dashboard using the ReactJS JavaScript library, Next.js framework, and style components. In this project, you will implement authentication practices to secure project data.

By working on this project, you will get expertise in JavaScript programming language. It is possible to get exposure to Docker containers by doing this project. To build the dashboard, you will learn to use widgets such as DateTime, JIRA issue count, Jenkins job health, etc.

Jira Dependency Graph

The project aims to build a graph visualizer displaying the Jira ticket dependencies. In this project, you will use Jira REST API v2 to get information on Jira issues. You will exclude epics, links, and issues when you don’t want to show them in the graph.

Completing this project will make you proficient with the Python language and Dockerfile. You will learn to use Jira query language commands. Besides, it is possible to get exposure to Kerberos authentication through this project.


This project aims to familiarize you with Jira Lens ─ a vulnerability scanner for Jira. This scanner provides a detailed output once the scanning process is over. In this project, you will use the requirements file to install dependencies for Windows and Linux operating systems.

By learning this project, you will get exposure to Python programming and Dockerfile. This project teaches you to set up and use Docker containers. Moreover, you will learn to pass additional arguments to use the scanner in multiple ways.


The project aims to build a semi-automatic security tool. This tool exploits Jira instances in proximity. In this project, you will use an interactive shell, Jira instances, a payload generator, and many more.

By practicing this project, it is easy to get mastery over Python programming. You will gain exposure to various Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) vulnerabilities. Besides, you will learn to run unit tests by doing this project.

Jira Vim

The project aims to build a plugin to access the Jira workspace directly from Vim. With Jira Vim, you can view the Jira setup without using the Jira user interface. You will use Pathogen and vim-plug to install the plugin.

By completing this project, you will get expertise in Python and Vim script languages. By doing this project, you will learn to use Kanban boards and Jira issues closely. Moreover, you will learn to perform integration testing in this project.

Celebrate! You have completed learning Jira projects. Working on these projects will help you climb up your career ladder, undeniably.

It is a given that practice makes a man perfect. On that note, working on more Jira projects will polish your Jira skills further.

Okay! The following section will provide real-time Jira project ideas for your practice.

Real-Time Jira Project Ideas:

Let's go through the list of Jira project ideas. Working on the project ideas will help to gain extraordinary practical skills in Jira.

  • Chyle – Changelog Generator
  • Terjira
  • Jirtheif
  • Vira
  • JiraPS
  • Review Reporter

Yes! The above-listed Jira project ideas will boost your expertise in Jira software and help you build a prosperous career in the future.


  • Jira is an agile project management and issue-tracking tool
  • As top companies widely use Jira software, job opportunities are plenty for Jira administrators
  • Working on Jira projects will improve your hands-on skills on Jira and help you excel in your career
  • You will learn to create Jira projects and optimize workflows by learning about Jira projects
  • Jira projects will strengthen your portfolio and help you stay ahead of the curve.


Is Jira a free tool?

Jira offers a free plan that allows up to ten users to use the software. Jira software cloud premium, Jira software cloud standard, and Jira software cloud enterprise are commercial versions of Jira software.

Is Jira easy to learn?

Yes, you can easily learn Jira. The learning curve for Jira is low. So you can quickly grasp Jira concepts. You will start to create projects and workflows using Jira. In MindMajix, industry experts designed the course curriculum to make your learning process engaging and fruitful.

Is Jira certification worth it?

Of course! The number of customers using the Jira software is increasing year by year. So, the demand for Jira administrators is also rising in parallel. If you earn a Jira certification, it will make you job-ready and power up your career.

What is Jira best used for?

 Jira is best used as a project management tool for agile teams. Both IT and non-IT companies can employ Jira for their project management. Apart from project management, you can use Jira for bug tracking, releasing, planning, and more.

What is a sprint in Jira?

Sprint is a short and fixed time period. Teams must complete a task within the time interval or sprint. A single project will include many sprints. Jira adopts the sprint concept to complete projects within the time frame.


Well! You have gone through some of the amazing Jira projects in this blog. The projects must have helped to increase your expertise level in Jira software. The projects will undoubtedly add value to your portfolio and propel your career forward.

MindMajix is the leading eLearning provider that offers power-packed Jira training with certification for all levels of learners. Sign up for a Jira course in MindMajix. It will help you get the best out of your skills and make success stories in your career.

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