Tosca Jira Integration

Tosca Jira Integration helps rectify and identify defects. It helps us develop the software product with good quality and tests every requirement. This Tosca Jira integration blog discusses the advantages and steps for integrating Tosca and Jira.

Tosca is a software platform that we use for the automated execution of regression and functional testing. Tosca test suite endorses the complete lifecycle of the testing project. It begins with synchronizing and transferring the specifications from the requirement management system.

Jira was developed as an issue and bug tracker, but today it is a robust work management tool for all types of use cases, from test case management and requirements to agile software development.

By integrating Tosca and Jira, we can overcome the tester-developer alignment challenge. Tosca Jira integration allows us to find the defects between Tosca and Jira to remove manual tasks like status meetings, duplicate entries, and emails. In this Tosca Jira integration blog, you will learn the importance of Tosca and Jira integration and the process of Tosca Jira integration.

Table of Content - Tosca Jira Integration

➤  What is Tosca Jira Integration?

➤ Why Integrate Tosca and Jira?

➤ ConnectALL

➤ Why ConnectALL?

➤ How do we Integrate Tosca and Jira?

What is Tosca Jira Integration?

Tosca Jira Integration allows us to remediate and identify defects for the best product quality rapidly. It assures all the essential requirements are included in the test cases to satisfy compliance obligations.

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Why Integrate Tosca and Jira?

  • Tosca Jira integration allows us to synchronize the artifacts throughout the software delivery value stream.
  • It enhances team collaboration by linking Tosca to freeware tools.
  • It deletes the requirement of manual processes and spreadsheets.
  • Tosca Jira Integration endorses reporting and cross-tool traceability, specifically between defects and requirements.
  • It synchronizes user stories or needs from Tosca to Jira needs.
  • Tosca Jira Integration enables automatic reporting of the defects discovered during the test execution from QA to the development.
  • It Synchronizes failed tests from Tosca to defects in Jira.


ConnectALL enables us to link the Atlassian applications with any tool of the value stream. We can visualize our complete integration landscape; thus, you can trace the flow activities using the value stream. ConnectALL organizes different automated workflows between tools in our software delivery value stream. It also allows us to integrate governance across the stream.

ConnectALL also enables us to grab incline measures like lead time, cycle time, and MTTR, allowing us to identify bottlenecks, dependencies, and roadblocks to enhance the software delivery. ConnectALL Value Stream Integration platform offers the bi-directional integration of artifacts between Tricentis Tosca and Atlassian Apps and organizes the workflows between them.

The Value Stream Management Solution of ConnectALL covers the Value Stream Insights and Integration platform, a real-world analytics tool that allows us to utilize the data throughout our complete Value Stream for making informative decisions.

Integrating Tosca and Jira: Development team works on the requirement, and requirements from Jira software automatically integrates with Tosca. Once the testing team identifies the issues, all the test updates and details related to the requirement integrate back with Jira.

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Why ConnectALL?

ConnectALL is developed to amalgamate your tools, people, and processes beginning from the imagination to the deployment. It allows organizations to discover defects or issues rapidly, share feedback, collaborate better, and understand the customer requirements, thus enhancing product quality, increasing time to value, and decreasing time to market. ConnectAll performs integration without any human intervention.

How do we Integrate Tosca and Jira?

Follow these steps to integrate Tosca and Jira:

Step1: Sign in to the Bamboo Instance as Admin

Step2: Press the Admin Dropdown and select “Atlassian Marketplace.”

Handle add-on screen loads

Step3: Press “Find New add-ons” from the left-hand side of the page.

Step4: Locate the “Tosca Task for Bamboo” through search.

Proper add-on version displayed in the search results

Step5: Press “Try Free” to start a new trial “Buy Now” for purchasing the “Tosca Task for Bamboo.”

You are induced to sign into “MyAtlassian.” Tosca Task starts to download.

Step6: Provide your information and press “Generate License” when diverted to “MyAtlassian.”

Step7: Press “Apply for License.”

If we use the former version of the “ConnectAll,” we can copy and paste it into our Bamboo instance.

After installation, we can start Tosca and Jira integration by inserting the Tosca execution capability into the remote agent.

Adding Capability to the Agent

Adding Capability to the Agent

Create New Plan

Create New Plan

Choose Repository. We can utilize test Tosca workspace to test. Clone it by signing in to GitHub.

Click Configure Plan

Add the Tosca Task.

Add the Tosca Task

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Choose executable added in the agent capability.

Choose Executable Added in the Agent Capability

Choose execution as Distributed or Local.

Distributed or Local

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Choose Tosca Repository Name.

Choose Tosca Repository Name

Choose the Jira settings option if we want the test results connected with the Jira issues.  Jira issues will be recognized automatically from the Tisca test names. Test names should have Jira issues. For example, “PRO-I verify something” has the Jira issue id as “PRO-1.” 

Jira Settings

Choose necessary options and save tasks.

Save Task

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Enable plan and save the configuration. 

Save the Configuration

After that, the building will start building.

Start Building

Live logs will be displayed.

Live Logs will be Displayed

Test results created by the Tosca test execution will be visible.

Tosca Test Execution

The tests tab will display all the parsed tests.

Tests Tab

The Tosca tab will display more information.

Tosca Tab

If we choose the Jira settings, they will have modernized information.

Modernized Information

The above concept is instrumental while doing implementations across industry projects and is covered in Jira Training Bangalore curriculum.


Tosca Jira integration helps us test the software and develop a high-quality software product. I hope this Tosca Jira integration blog is sufficient for understanding Tosca Jira integration deeply. If you have any queries, let us know by commenting below.  

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