Leave out the confusion behind choosing the best Agile Development Tool: Trello v/s Jira

Are you in the perplexity of what tool to be implemented for “Project Management” in your organization?

Introduction to Agile project management

In recent years, Agile appeared as the buzzword and has been in implementation by many organizations. It corresponds to a framework used to collaborate, analyze performance and manage the submission of products. Agile is the distinguished project management tool developed to enhance and accelerate this scenario through augmented visibility, workflow automation, and task sharing. As it follows a clear and structured scenario, this gains the sight of many enterprises.

Probably, you might have your browser windows filled up with many tabs about the search of best project management tools. So, this article helps you to leave out the confusion in your thoughts and outlines a draft on the best project management tools. The two foremost tools are “Trello” and “Jira”.

These are the extensively popular tools and are both developed by Atlassian. Even both the tools share a similar number of installations, these vary in their capabilities and applications.

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About Jira 

JIRA is the cross-platform developed to track issues and bugs through sophisticated project management abilities and features. Either the enterprise is large-scale, mid-scale or small-scale, JIRA works in line with their requirements and is extremely beneficial for many developers. JIRA allows for data sharing, handle bugs on agile boards through custom workflows, seamless collaboration, manage Kanban work, analyze efficiency and authorize tasks and issues across the workforce. It prepares for a clear and structured approach for analyzing the team’s performance and updates of every module involved.

Let’s have a clear view of both these tools and then move ahead with their comparisons.

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A clear interpretation of JIRA

We all know that Atlassian products gain more prominence and as JIRA is the one from their development, it also stands as one among the prominent project management tools.

Also, JIRA has the feature of exaggerating a feature-rich service desk execution that let every department to gather individual requests and orchestrate in priority queues. So, this shows the path for productivity enhancement. Furthermore, JIRA provides the feature of source code integration together with an extensive array of add-ons.

Now, we shall move with a clear understanding of Trello

About Trello

So, Trello is the one project management tool presenting complete visibility and extensive collaboration for teams of any enterprise. The tool contains certain cards and boards allowing for shared communication in the project. An enterprise can go with creating any number of cards, teams, and boards. The drag-and-drop scenario in Trello allows you to create and assign tasks easily, analyze project performance and track entire project details in a streamlined manner. Enhanced flexibility in Trello makes the cards as either color-coded, filtered, archived or labeled.

As Trello has the possibility to share thoughts, feedback, or ask questions directly on cards, it lets you be away from update status meetings. As Trello even syncs well with mobile devices too, corresponding team individuals can receive comment notification either in the desktop application, mobile, or via email. Moreover, Trello mobility delivers extensive performance on Android and iOS devices and also in the Slack platform thus allowing for the execution of any operation from any place.

The exclusive features of Trello are as below:

  • Breakdown of tasks and progress sharing through the creation of checklists on cards.
  • Each card can be added with due dates and deadlines.
  • Allows sharing unlimited attachment.
  • The “Power-Up” feature in Trello utilizes flexible features and can easily work in line with other dependent applications like GitHub, Evernote, Slack, Drive, Salesforce and others. Switching between multiple applications might be somewhat clunky and the “Power-Up” option is the best approach to stay back from this embarrassing situation.

Frequently asked JIRA Interview Questions

Well, we are much clear about these individual project management tools. But you might be in the confusion of what to choose, and what features vary in both these tools?

So, let’s have a clear strategy on comparing the differences in these. JIRA and Trello both have exclusive features to implement in the organizations. The basic differences are:

Jira Vs Trello Comparison

JIRA was developed in the context of software teams. So, the delivered output is mainly focused on project managers, stakeholders and software developers of the project. Whereas, Trello has an extensive target audience and holds good for project tracking activities. As Jira is both cloud and on-premise hosted tool, Trello is an only cloud-hosted tool. Mostly, the targeted workforce in Jira is SMEs and large organizations. While Trello is implemented by SMEs and freelancers.




Task Management

Time Tracking

Resource Management


Document management

Issue Management



Jira Vs Trello Task Management Comparison

Being the most unavoidable facet of every project, task management has to be in every project either in software, marketing plan, or development of branding manual for the organization.




Task Management

JIRA holds good in handling task management features together with workflows. Jira workflows allow us to create a team, analyze and release the software. It also shows the path for customization of workflows and the implementation of those in other agile scenarios.

Trello works at best in task management. Through a three-part (Cards, Lists, and Boards) scenario, tasks and projects are exactly and clearly recorded and listed out. Trello follows an organized manner in cards assignment, due date assignment, and file upload.

Jira Vs Trello Integration Comparison

Jira manages numerous native integrations in order to track time, code analysis, CRM and test management. 
Trello also supports many integration libraries and native applications. Few of them are Slack, FogBugz, Zendesk, GitHub, Drive, and Salesforce. 

Jira Vs Trello Pricing and Systems Comparison

Initially, both the tools are in availability to users in their basic versions and these are of no cost. With Trello’s basic version, one can gain access to many features and can also create many boards.




Pricing & Systems

JIRA does not support operating in the free version, while the price is economical for both small and large organizations. Based on the company size, JIRA offers per-user subscription. Even, Jira provides on-premise deployment who desire to customize and install the setup on their local device. JIRA supports multiple versions like JIRA Service Desk, JIRA Software and JIRA Core. The purchase of this version depends on the company requirements. Trello comes up with two paid version enterprise – It is the tiered pricing system paid per no.of users. Along with the business-class features, this version of Trello provides SSO, two-factor authentication, and customer and onboarding assistance. Trello’s basic version is probably adequate to meet the requirements of tasks organizing and work-sharing. Moving ahead, Trello’s paid edition is necessary to operate with code from the folder or information from the other business systems.

At the end of the line, we are with the conclusion that Trello is an effortless, customizable platform supporting various teams on Agile and handles entire activities of agile development. While, Jira is the tool that is very adept in agile team formation, fixing and software releases. It becomes a tough judgement to choose the best of these as the tools are doable in their range. So, it all depends on the organization's requirements and thoughts to implement the one in their bounds.

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