How to Start a Business Process from a Page flow in TIBCO AMX BPM

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Steps below on How to start a Business Process from a Page flow in TIBCO AMXBPM

  • Right click on Start event > Trigger Type > Message Trigger


  • If we have more than one start Event or receive task and want to associate with start Event as a subset of all the parameters 


  • Right Click on Start event  > Business Service > Generate

Note: we can add additional user tasks to meet  requirements

A system participant is automatically created for the send task that calls the business process. This participant has the name:


where: ProcessName is the name of the business process being called

Click on General tab for the new business service process -> Publish as Business Service.
The purpose of this business service is to collect the data needed to start the business process, and send the data to the business process.

We would use this Business Service in TIBCO Workspace or TIBCO OpenSpace  while testing the TIBCO AMX BPM process.

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