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How To Configure BW Microagent For TIBCO HAWK Display

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Configuring BW Microagent For HAWK Display

Deploying .EAR File

1. Go to BW Designer and Create an Enterprise Archive file (.ear) for the existing BW Process.

Configuring BW Microagent_1

2. Browse and deploy the .ear file in TIBCO Administrator.

Configuring BW Microagent_2

HAWK Display Configuration File

1. Navigate and open the configuration file available in TIBCO_HOMEhawkinhawkdisplay.cfg file.

Configuring BW Microagent_3

2. Name the parameter –hawk_domain as the administrator domain name created by the user during the installation of TIBCO Classic Adminsitrator. Save the changes.

Note: Here the domain name is ServiceNext2.

Configuring BW Microagent_4


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Configuring HAWK Configuration Utility

1. Go to All Programs->TIBCO-> TIBCO_HOME->TIBCO HAWK->Hawk Configuration. Right Click and run as administrator.

Configuring BW Microagent_5

2. TIBCO Hawk Configuration Utility window starts up.

Configuring BW Microagent_6

3. Name the Hawk Domain. Give the exact name used while creating an administrator domain. Then click on Advanced Tab.

Configuring BW Microagent_7

4. Browse the corresponding .cfg file locations from the location mentioned in step 1 Hawk Display Configuration File. Change the encoding as UTF8.

Configuring BW Microagent_8

5. Restart the services of TIBCO Hawk Agents, TIBCO Event and TIBCO Hawk HMA.

Configuring BW Microagent_9

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