Hawk Rulebase to Monitor EMS Queues — TIBCO BW

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Monitor EMS Queues


a) Refer previous post till step h). The configuration is same.

monitor ems queues

Note: Here, Tibco HawkController class of JMS is used. In the previous task, HawkListener was used. The former is used to both manage and monitor Queues/Topics. In the <classname> element at .hma file HawkListener is replaced with HawkController. Then Hawk Agent service is restarted.

b) In test section, Specify the shutdown () method. When the receiver number exceeds 1, the message will not be send from Queue sender. Hence, the server is shutdown.

Specify the shutdown () method

c) Before receiving the alert.

before receiving the alert

d) When the number of receivers is more than one, immediately the server is shutdown.

number of receivers exceeds, immediately server is shutdown

e) The alert received are as follows.

alert received


.hrb File created for the Monitoring of Queue:




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