We can monitor EMS server using tibco hawk and need to configure the EMS Hawk plugin for this. Below classes available for either monitoring only or monitoring & managing the EMS Server:

1) Class com.tibco.tibjms.admin.hawk.HawkListener contains Monitoring methods that allow to view the status of topics, queues, routes, and other items on the TIBCO Enterprise Message Service server.

2) Class com.tibco.tibjms.admin.hawk.HawkController contains Management methods for shutting down the TIBCO Enterprise Message Service server and performing other administrative functions. This class contains all HawkListener monitoring methods as well.

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Procedure to configure TIBCO Hawk Plugin for EMS on windows:

  • To install the provided classes for use in a TIBCO Hawk agent running on a Windows platform, perform the following:
  • Locate the tibjmsadmin.hma file in the TIBCO Enterprise Message Service installation directory under the EMS_HOMEsamplesadminhawk subdirectory and copy it into your tradomaintestdomplugin directory.
  • Locate the following files in the EMS_HOMElib subdirectory, and copy them into the tradomaintestdomplugin directory.

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  • Navigate to your plugins directory and open the tibjmsadmin.hma file in a text editor.
  • Specify the TIBCO Hawk microagent class you wish to use in the element. You can use either the HawkListener class if you only want to monitor the server, or you can specify the HawkController class if you want to monitor and manage the server.
  • Specify the username and password and server URL to use to connect to the TIBCO Enterprise Message Service server in the appropriate elements. See Table 73.
  • For example:


  • You should specify the predefined admin user or a user that is a member of the $admin group.
  • Restart the TIBCO Hawk agent service.


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Basic HAWK Rules For TIBCO BW, EMS – What Can be Monitored?

We can monitor BW and EMS as per the microagents and methods available in them. Below are the few rulebases we can develop that can be monitored.


  • Check if the EMS instance server is running or not.
  • Check current state of the server.
  • Check the number of queues on the server.
  • Check total number of pending messages for this queue.
  • Check number of active receivers on this queue.
  • Check state of the route.
  • Check the total size of asynchronous message store.


  • Check BW Engine status.
  • Check Process starter status.
  • Check engine memory usage information.
  • Check active process starter duration.
  • Check suspended process count.
  • Check total number of running processes and total number of queued processes.
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