Configuring TIBCO Hawk for EMS


Monitoring of Queues/Topics requires configuring the EMS plugin.


1. Locate the tibjmsadmin.hma file in the TIBCO Enterprise Message Service installation directory. Go to TIBCO_HOMEEMSsamplesadminhawk.

2. Copy and paste the .hma file into TIBCO_HOMEhawkadmin-plugins.


3. Locate the following files below in TIBCO_HOMEEMSlib.

  • tibjmsadmin.jar
  • tibjms.jar
  • jms.jar
  • tibcrypt.jar


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4. Copy the .jar files in TIBCO_HOMEhawkadmin-plugins.


5. Navigate to the plugins directory and open the tibjmsadmin.hma file in a text editor.

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6. Specify the TIBCO Hawk microagent class you wish to use in the element. Youcan use either the HawkListener class if you only want to monitor the server, or you can specify the HawkController class if you want to monitor and manage the server.

tibjmsadmin.hma file in a text editorNote: In the image above, HawkListener is specified in .

7. Specify the username and password and server URL used to connect to the TIBCO Enterprise Message Service server in the appropriate elements.

TIBCO Enterprise Message Service server
For example:


8. You should specify the predefined admin user or a user that is a member of the $admin group.

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9. Go to All Programs->TIBCO-> TIBCO_HOME->TIBCO HAWK->Hawk Configuration. Right Click and run as administrator.

All Programs->TIBCO-> TIBCO_HOME->TIBCO HAWK->Hawk Configuration
10. TIBCO Hawk Configuration Utility window starts up.

 TIBCO Hawk Configuration Utility window starts up
11. Go to Agent tab. Click Browse at Plugins field. Refer to Microagent Plugins section in Agent tab.

Click Browse at Plugins field
12. Browse for the admin-plugin directory. The location of .hma and .jar files copied from EMS location.

Browse for the admin-plugin directory
13. Click on OK. A window pop up for restarting the TIBCO Hawk Agent Windows Service restart. Click on Yes.

Restarting the TIBCO Hawk Agent
14. Go to Services.msc. Restart TIBCO Hawk Agent service.

Go to Services.msc. Restart TIBCO Hawk Agent serviceNote: Generally, there will be two hawk agents in services, when a TIBCO Hawk Software version is installed separately. The two hawk agents are as follows: the default one, which comes along with TRA installation and the separate version. Either one of them, which is being used for Hawk monitoring and display should be running. Stop the other.

15. Start the Hawk display. 

16. Right Click the Host Machine name. Click on Get MicroAgents.

Click on Get MicroAgents
17. The JMS monitor Microagent will get added to the existing list of default Microagents with the list of methods

JMS monitor Microagent

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Last updated: 03 Apr 2023
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