TIBCO ADB Adapter Interview Questions

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Top TIBCO ADB Adapter Interview Questions and Answers

1. How can you fine-tune an ADB Adapter? What are the different parameters that can be used?

  • We can use publish by value or publish by reference for high speed and data type support like oracle long respectively.
  • Can use polar or alerter for frequent and infrequent data changes respectively.
  • ADB.PollingInterval, _ADB.DUPDECT.adapter_instance_name parameters can be used to do flow control and avoid duplication respectively.

2. What is the quality of services we can have in adapter publishing services?

RV: reliable, certified, transactional.

3. What are the wire formats we can have in adapter publishing services?

Wire formats:

  • RV: active enterprise message, RV message, XML message.
  • JMS: XML message.
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4. Explain the internal functioning of the ADB publication service?

When we configure the ADB publishing service it creates a Publishing table for the source table, Trigger acts as a bridge between source and publishing table. Whenever data is being inserted/updated/deleted from the source table, it will be inserted into the publishing table by means of the trigger. ADB has another component called polling agent. The polling agent will keep looking for new inserts into the publishing table and if it finds any then converts the record in p table into the specified wire format and publishes on specified quality of service.

5. What is publish by value and publish by reference? Explain the pros and cons?

Publish by value: In this type, the changes in the source table are reflected in the p_table and the data s taken from there. It's used when high speed is required. It does not support data types like oracle long.
publish by reference: In this type, the data is directly taken from the source table where only the primary key will come from p_table. It allows data types like oracle long. Loss of changes in the source table can be lost because of the waiting time. (This can be avoided using an alerter).

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6. What are the types of message transfers in file adapters?

  • Record transfer: To integrate file systems to the TIBCO AE environment.
  • Simple file transfer: To transfer files to other TIBCO adapters.

7. Can we filter the records from publishing when they get updated in the source table?  (Data from all regions are coming into the table but I want to publish only New York data)

Yes – By modifying the trigger we can only insert the New York data into the publishing table

8. Can we limit the number of columns to be published from the source table?

Yes, using the user field in the adapter publishing table tab. Just uncheck the columns you don't want to use.

9. Can we publish parent and child table information by using a single adapter configuration and how?

Yes, in the adapter publisher table tab create a parent table first by lookup and then add the child table using the add child tab then click on the child table column to specify the foreign key then to establish a relationship between the primary key of the parent and the foreign key of the child go to the column in the child table and specify the primary key of the parent table.

In the subscription service, the destination table is created and the child table mapping tab will have the child table on the left mapped with the parent table on the right. TIBCO ADB Adapter Interview Questions.

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