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TIBCO Hawk Rulebase for Monitoring Virtual Memory

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Tasks Related To Tibco BW Microagent

Monitoring of Memory, Virtual Memory

1) Follow the procedure in Section, Getting Started With Hawk Display to start with creating a Rulebase.

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2) Select the BW MicroAgent & select the Method as “GetMemoryUsage”.

Note: Here BW Micro Agent is “bwengine.ServiceNext2.HAWK_SAMPLE_DEMO1.Process Archive_hawk_demo1:0” in screen shot.

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3) Click on the Rulebase Editor and give the data source for the method

4) Then click on the Test editor and give the test condition that need to be performed.

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5) Select the parameters and operator for the test condition.

Here the test condition is “UsedBytes > 0” which will give us the total number of bytes in use.

6) Click on “ok” and then give details in the “Action Editor” that need to be performed like Action type, Message and Alert Level.

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7) Click on “ok” then the action details is updated into test editor.

8) Click on “ok” and then give “Apply Changes”

9) Then click on “send Selected To” a machine name and apply the changes.

10) Right Click on the Rulebase_Name, Show Alerts. Rulebase_Name is GetMemory_Usage.

11) The alerts are visible as alert high. Once the alerts are cleared, the hawk components colour changes from red to green.


.hrb File created for the Monitoring of memory and virtual memory:

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