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The term "DevOps" refers to an approach to software development that places a high priority on the exchange of information and ideas among members of the software development and operations teams. Software development teams and IT professionals are increasingly interdependent, and this rising technology is responding to that dependency by making it easier for enterprises to provide software products and services quickly and efficiently.


DevOps, DevOps, DevOps! The Most buzzword in today’s fast-moving world for Organizational Development. Not only one, each and every company will aspire to be agile and learn to give a response in the current changing marketplace in a rapid manner. DevOps Technology mostly helps the companies to achieve continuous delivery of software-driven innovations to gain real benefits.

What Exactly is DevOps? What is DevOps for Dummies?

DevOps is considered the software development process that mainly concentrates on communication, collaboration and the integration development between the team of software developers and information technology Professionals (IT Professionals). It is the most trending technology that responds to the interdependence of IT Professional and software development team that aims the organizations to deliver the software products and services in a rapid manner. 

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Investing in DevOps technology brings the Operations and Development to collaborate and communicate in faster manner across Dev and Ops. In the other terms, DevOps (Development and Operations) is the approach which is completely based on the agile and lean principles where all the owners of the business and the development process and the required quality assurance departments with high effective collaboration to deliver software in a continuous manner. This Technology also helps the Organizations to helps the business rapidly with incredible market opportunities. It also takes very less time to take customer feedback and to have further changes as well. 

All the various applications in the enterprises are so diverse and composed of the different technologies as well, end-user devices, database and so on. DevOps technology will help a lot to deal with high level of complexities in the business approaches and give a most optimized solution with industry-centric approaches. It also ensures to deliver quality assurance departments to have high collaboration and delivers software in the continuous and rapid manner. It also delivers as the business drive approaches for software delivery in the given period of time.

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The Main Goals of DevOps Technology is:

It ensures to improve the main collaboration between the respective stakeholders from planning through delivery and automation of the delivery process

1) It plays a crucial role to improve deployment frequency 
2) Helps to achieve faster time to market
3) The lower failure rate with new releases 
4) Very Less time in between fixes 
5) Improves mean time for high recovery purpose 

Now, let us see what is a process in DevOps technology?

A process of DevOps Technology In the above section, you may get some clarity about what is DevOps? and What exactly is DevOps technology? 

DevOps as the Best Business Process 

DevOps technology is complete with a high level of capability that mostly affects major business development and makes the business to improve with agiler and ensures to deliver a high level of capabilities to the customer. The further extension of DevOps practices includes the business process with the collection of various tasks and activities that give a high effective specific result for customers. 

It is also a Change Management Process

Change Management is considered as the set of various activity models that are designed to manage, control and certain changes in the track to keep identification of work products to change and process business solutions. Most of the Organizations have started implanting this technology to have high application lifecycle management and the automated change management process. 

The Change Management Process is with various process steps to have a highly effective business solution

  • Work-item Management 
  • Planning 
  • Configurable Work-items workflows 
  • Project configuration management 
  • Role-based artifact access control 

The various DevOps Practices Process are here given below 

  • Release Planning 
  • Continuous Integration 
  • Continuous Delivery 
  • Continuous Testing 
  • Continuous Monitoring and Feedback 
  • Release Planning 

It is the most critical business function which mostly delivers various business solutions to drive business needs in an efficient way and reach heights of the customer. Most of the Organizations require with the best-defined release planning and management processes that help to release project plans, roadmaps and delivery schedules with end-to-end traceability.

Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration is pleased to deliver tremendous value in the DevOps technology. It also makes sure to develop continuous integration between a team with another development team while working with cross-technology component and software development life cycle. 

Continuous Delivery

The continuous integration process leads to the continuous delivery process. It is the main process of automating the deployment for the various software testing, staging, system testing and the different productions environments. In the business environments, it helps to improve efficiency and reduces the risk that is completely introduced by inconsistent processes. 

Continuous Testing

In this continuous testing phase, there is a requirement of adopting the three areas to have a best continuous testing process. 

  • Test Environment provisioning and Configuration 
  • Integration, Functional, Security Testing and High Performance 
  • Test Data Management 

Continuous Monitoring and Feedback

The feedback from the customer can be any of the ways like formal change request, tickets opened by customers, ratings in the app store and informal complains. With the help of the monitoring of data only, the main feedback comes. Generally, the data will be from servers running through the applications that will be the process of development, Quality Assurance, and Production. It also plays a vital role to take the user actions from the metric tools that are embedded in the application. 
Continuous Improvement 

The process of improvement is not a one time action which is said as an on-going process where organizations have to build-in. It is the phase to identify the bugs and rectify them for further improvement process. Mostly, it is considered as the build-in process for identification for enhancement as the Organization matures and learns from the process of the improvement team. 

10 Main Myths of DevOps Technology

Here go the Ten Main Myths of DevOps Technology :

In this DevOps technology, the Ten Main Myths are very important that helps to know more advanced models about trending one. 

1. DevOps is for “Born on the Web” shops 
2. DevOps is the operation of learning how to code 
3. DevOps is just for Development and Operations 
4. DevOps Isn’t for ITIL shops 
5. DevOps Isn’t for Regulated Industries 
6. DevOps Isn’t for Outsourced Development 
7. No Cloud means No DevOps 
8. DevOps Isn’t for Large and Complex Systems 
9. DevOps Means continuous change deployment 
10. DevOps is Only about Communications 

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