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Reasons for the Rise of DevOps

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Why DevOps is important

One of the latest invention or trend in the world of software development is DevOps. In this field, the team of developers works with the operations staff to make sure that the software will run effectively and efficiently. Most of the teams connected with software development are going for the DevOps. This has helped in coping with the pressure to generate good developing codes and also to deliver them at a faster rate. The concept of DevOps is related to software development, services and operations. Between the information operation personnel and that of software developers, DevOps helps in building communications, integration and collaboration. If you break the term, the first-word Development stands for change in a continuous manner and also an addition of new features. Ops stand for stability in a continuous manner and also the creation of new services. The topmost reasons why it is important to learn DevOps are listed below:-

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1. The technical benefit includes the delivery of software that too continuously. It has the benefit of having less complex problems to fix. It also has the benefit of faster and easier resolutions to every problem. 
2. The business-related benefits include faster delivery of features and it also has the advantage of having more stable operating environments. The benefits also include more time so that more value can be added. 
3. One of the important reasons is that DevOps provides the system for best communication. During the stage of production, there may arise certain problem related to blockage or delayed on progression. There are many teams involved during the production stage and to make a smooth collaboration between the teams DevOps is necessary. This will help you in having an idea about each and every prospect of the project. 
4. When there are bad developers, DevOps will slow them down. A company comprises of all kind of developers from excellent to very bad. The concept of DevOps will remove the bad developers since the bad codes that are produced by the developers will be left to be corrected. While the codes developed by the good developers will be released to the next level with the help of the DevOps model. This feature is not allowed in meetings. 
5. Also, the advantage of learning DevOps is that it has significant shorter time to a market facility. 
6. The DevOps will also facilitate for the better quality of a product.
7.  Another advantage of learning DevOps is that it has more reliable releases.
8. The concept of DevOps helps in increasing the ability to develop the correct products by the concept of fast experimentation.
9. Another great advantage is that it helps in improved productivity. 
10. The DevOps also helps in increasing the efficiency and improvement of customer satisfaction. Quality of products is generally better when there are the applications of DevOps since it has a better productivity and also efficiency.

There are many types of software that is used when operations are done in DevOps. These are Jenkins, Puppet, Docker, Ansible, Chef and many more. It is not associated with the bad code and it also helps in avoiding time taken for bad production. Now let’s discuss the benefits of learning DevOps in a vast manner.

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Learning DevOps in a vast manner

10. There are certain cultural benefits of learning DevOps  

The cultural benefits include 

  • The team related to software development is much more happy and productive. 
  • There is also the engagement of higher rate of the employee. 
  • There are great opportunities related to professional development.

9. It is a smart career option in the present technical job market

DevOps is a very popular career choice now. According to the Forbes magazine, if you are a DevOps specialist with a mere degree of high school then also the median wage for you will be almost $ 106,734. Researches have also shown that in the coming years DevOps will be the main hiring criteria for 46% of the IT companies.

8. There are three main business related benefits of learning DevOps and they are:-

  • The software gets delivered in a faster rate which helps in growth of the business. 
  • With the help of DevOps, there is a more stable environment than for operating. 
  • There is also more time to add value instead of fixing or maintaining.

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7. The technical benefits of learning DevOps are very important and they are listed below. 

In the present market, it is very important to provide software continuously to the market and DevOps helps in achieving that. 

  • With the advent of DevOps, there is a lesser number of problems to handle with regarding the development of software. 
  • Also there are now faster resolutions of the problems. 
  • The business-related benefit of learning DevOps 

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6. Another major benefit is that DevOps will ensure that the product quality is excellent

The concept of DevOps does not allow mistakes in the stage of methodology. When both the operations and development stages are done correctly with no errors then it will result in the release of better and improved product qualities. 

5. DevOps helps in eliminating bad developers 

It is natural that a team of software developers will comprise of excellence, good, average and poor developers. It is important that the bad codes which are generated by the developers should be stopped or otherwise, the production time will increase very much.  DevOps helps in reducing the bad code limits since the bad codes will not be permitted to go to the next level until they are corrected. So this is the technique with the help of which DevOps eliminates bad developers. 

Benefits of Learning DevOps

4. DevOps helps in increasing the efficiencies 

Due to the increment in the efficiency level, it results in speeding up the process of development and also makes sure that it is more error-free. For the purpose of automating tasks of DevOps, there are many ways. To automate the procedure of reducing the quantity of manual work and testing of code, the process that is required is continuous integration. DevOps will allow the engineers to focus on those tasks which are not automated. There are certain tools of acceleration which are also used to increase the efficiency like:-

  • The cloud-based platforms and other scalable infrastructures will help in increasing the access of the team to the hardware resources and this will result in speeding up the process of testing and deployment operations. 
  • In order to compile code in a faster manner, there has been a usage of build acceleration tools. 
  • There can be the process which helps in the embedding of parallel workflows into the continuous delivery chain so that delays can be avoided.

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3. There is an improvement in collaboration and communication 

With the help of DevOps, there has been an improvement in the culture of software development. The development and operation team when combined they are produced and they become more focused on performing rather than having separate goals. If both the teams are combined they will be able to trust each other and this will result in innovative ideas in a more efficient and effective manner. The team will be able to have more focus on the production so that they can launch the product in the market more quickly. With the advent of DevOps, the team at the operation level do not have to wait for finding an error and then fix it. 

Dev & Ops Collaboration

2. Learning DevOps ensures that there is a reduction in rollbacks, failures regarding deployment and also the time is taken to recover 

The main reason behind failures of deployment is that there are programming errors. There are development cycles with DevOps which are shorter. The more frequent code release is prompted by these cycles and this feature helps in detection of defects on codes. Thus, it helps in reduction of the deployment failures. Also, tools backs are also much easier to handle since only certain modules are affected. When the development and operation team works together it ensures that the recovery time is much less.

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1. The learning of DevOps helps in reducing the time for cycles of development and also ensures a faster rate of innovation 

If the operations and development teams are in different silos then obviously it will be a hard task to identify whether the application is ready for operation or not. The time of the cycle of operation is generally extended when the development team an application. Now if the development and the operation team work together then the application will be ready in a much faster time. This is a very important factor for companies to succeed since in this market where competition is so huge you will have an upper hand if you give innovative services at a faster rate. 

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The process of DevOps if continuous then it will lead to satisfaction of customer from revenue. Those companies which are involved with continuous releases will require the usage of DevOps. For the purpose of better revenue, DevOps is used. Also, it helps in creating a bridge between the development and operation stages for the purpose of the best delivery system.

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