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A DevOps engineer has a set of roles and responsibilities but they are different from that of a DevOps Architect. DevOps is a very significant role and organizations constantly keep an eye to hire them. 

Who is DevOps Architect

What Is a DevOps Architect?

Typically a DevOps architect defines a systematic solution which best fits across the technical, operational, and management standards. Architects have complete access to the DevOps application and take responsibility in building a systematic approach to working in close coordination with the team, using the suitable framework which best fits the challenges and complexities that arise. A DevOps architect must be capable of handling all the issues by implementing the strategies which are in line with the DevOps best practices. 

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Typically a DevOps architect must have had exposure to working at various levels such as a software architect, DevOps engineer. DevOps architects are in much demand as they possess in-depth knowledge of all the DevOps stages and concepts. They have hands-on experience dealing with DevOps, operations, configuration, leadership roles etc. 

A DevOps architect handles the roles and responsibilities similar to a  DevOps Engineer, while there might be some minor changes depending on the organization. An organization expects a DevOps engineer to facilitate a DevOps culture in a similar method as to how a DevOps architect is expected to implement the changes. On hiring a DevOps architect an organization emphasizes more on leading and facilitating teams.

Why Are Companies Looking for them?

Organizations looking to hire DevOps Architects who have the exposure in implementing the DevOps practice and culture. As per Puppets report a highly efficient DevOps team spends relatively 28% less time on configuration management, deploys more often and takes lesser time to rectify and recover.  

Architects have strong leadership skills which otherwise other teams do not possess. An organization hires a DevOps engineer who has excellent vision having sound knowledge and experience, intellectual stimulation,  leadership and management skills, supportive leadership which are some of the reasons why companies hire DevOps Architects. Holding expertise an architect can implement best DevOps practices.

What Is Considered a DevOps Architect Skill Set?

A DevOps architect is expected to master the following three types of skills: 

  • Re-defining Architecture by analyzing the current system and follow new practices.
  • Build and establish new channels for the Operations and Development teams. 
  • Automate the current Processes

DevOps architects are expected to have more exposure to Agile methodology than a DevOps engineer. An architect is more of a leader compared to an engineer, while this differs from company to company. 

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Skill set employers are looking for?

Many companies have the need for DevOps architect and listed below are some of the important skill requirements. 

  • Must possess excellent automation skills and the ability to drive initiatives to automate processes.
  • Building strong cross-functional leadership skills, in coordination with the operations and engineering teams to build stable and secure applications. 
  • Configuration management solutions that meet the requirements of the deployment process. 
  • Excellent knowledge of software development and software testing methodologies along with change and configuration management practices in Unix and Linux-based environments.
  • Possess sound knowledge of cloud-based environments
  • Possess exceptionally strong scripting skills (Python, Ruby, Perl)
  • Experience in handling automated deployment, CI, CD, and other engineering tools. 
  • Must possess excellent  knowledge of infrastructure automation tools (Ansible, Chef, Puppet)
  • Hand on experience on working with Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Must have strong knowledge in operating Linux/Unix environment and scripting languages like Python, Perl, and  Shell.
  • Ability to review deployment and delivery pipelines i.e., execute initiatives to minimize chances of failure, identify bottlenecks and troubleshoot issues. 
  • Previous experience in implementing continuous delivery and DevOps solutions.
  • Experience in designing and building solutions to move data and processing from on-premise solutions to cloud-based solutions.
  • Must possess expertise in any of the coding languages depending on the nature of the job: SaltStack, Nginx, Chef, Puppet, Jenkins etc. 

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At the bottom line, we can say that a DevOps architect needs to visualize a complete picture and have a thorough understanding of how a team of developers and operations team integrates and work together. In other words, a DevOps architect must know the in and out of the complete architecture. DevOps needs thinking out of the box to handle complex situations and it might not seem as easy as it appears. While DevOps is not a role, every organization adapting to the DevOps culture must consider having a DevOps who has the potential to redefine the existing system.

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