Some Common Myths about DevOps

DevOps is not implemented across organizations with the intention to deploy it several times a day. While Automation is a critical aspect of DevOps strategy involving continuous integration, development and deployment, the sole purpose of automation is to reduce the mundane routine and cannot be taken as a goal. Automated test results deliver predictable results, clean code, and deployment at uniform intervals.

DevOps is a process, its a  culture, and a mindset to get used to a set of tools and technical practices. DevOps offers improved communication, automation, and close collaboration which is needed to test, plan develop and deploy an application.

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DevOps arises many myths and there’s no clear explanation of the process and its defined in many ways leaving different opinions and people drawing several conclusions about DevOps culture, practices, and tools. Let's see some of the most commonly misunderstood facts about DevOps.

1. DevOps is a tool

DevOps is a process and not a tool. The benefits of DevOps cannot be achieved by merely getting the checklist of tools installed on the team. DevOps is more of an approach and not just confined to the use of tools. DevOps focuses more on understanding the needs of the end user and delivering in line with that which makes it successful.

DevOps tools are there to make the developers task easier to achieve the flow of Continuous integration, Continuous delivery, continuous deployment and continuous monitoring. DevOps is a cultural shift than the traditional methodology, one must understand it's not a just mere implementation of tools and built to reduce the hassles in the development process. 

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2. DevOps is to be used for Startups

While this myth is not true. There are several big companies who are shifting to the DevOps culture including Amazon, Netflix, Google, Target, Nike, LinkedIn and many more on the list. DevOps is used by several organizations who want to reduce their time to deliver the application to the market. DevOps has made it possible by reducing the time taken from years to months and within weeks. DevOps is the need of the hour as its culture fosters the most needed components which do not exist in other cultures or methodologies. 

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3. DevOps is not a substitute for Agile methodology

DevOps is not a replacement for Agile, for its an extension of Agile methodology. DevOps shares the common values and principles. Agile works on sprints, delivering.

Working in small chunks of code and deploying at regular intervals. Delivering tasks at regular intervals within a couple of weeks ensures that the application is stable and has uninterrupted service to the customer. DevOps is very much compatible with Agile and Agile in no way is a prerequisite to adopt DevOps culture. DevOps helps to achieve the main process of CI, CD and continuous deployment pipeline. DevOps and Agile go hand in hand. 

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4. DevOps skills can’t be acquired overnight 

DevOps is a process, its an approach induced to develop a software application. It helps to enhance the business communications, improves collaboration among the team members. These cannot be just achieved by merely tuning the developers to manage the IT operations tools and technologies. DevOps culture is a slow transformation process which involves building the process of the highly capable teams of skilled professionals. 

DevOps skills cannot be mastered or acquired overnight. It’s a process which has no time boundary to achieve perfection. DevOps is a continuous process, which focuses mainly on automating, it's more of the process which the team has to get acquainted with so that they can handle when an issue arises. The team has to strive it’s best to achieve this. 

5. DevOps security 

One of the most common myths in the DevOps community is that it focuses on continuous deployment and sets aside all the risk management measures which have to be implemented that have to be taken which leaves the security practices aside. While it’s not true, DevOps pattern induces security practices into software application than ever before. DevOps does not neglect the security aspect while it concentrates more on removing the clutter which consumes time and resources. DevOps helps coordinate several teams to help improve security. Corman states that complexity is the main enemy of security. 

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This article covers some of the existing myths in the DevOps culture, while plenty such exist. DevOps is more of a disciplined process and not just a checklist of tools. It weaves no magic overnight and it’s a slow and a continuous process. DevOps needs the right blend of workflow, culture, tools, business process and people to fetch the desired results.  When there is a right blend of these parameters its bound to fetch astonishing results. 

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Last updated: 03 Apr 2023
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