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A container may be thought of as a root folder inside our OpenStack Object Storage. Container creation. Only containers and objects may be managed through the OpenStack dashboard. It is recommended that you read this tutorial to the end in order to obtain a thorough understanding of container creation.

Creating Containers - a container can be thought of as a root folder under our OpenStack Object Storage. In the OpenStack dashboard, you can only manage containers and objects.

In OpenStack Object Storage, containers provide storage for objects in a manner similar to a Windows folder or Linux file directory, though they cannot be nested. An object in OpenStack consists of the file to be stored in the container and any accompanying metadata.

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They allow for objects to be stored within them. Creating containers and objects can be achieved in a number of ways. A simple way is by using the swift client tool. We run this client tool against our OpenStack Identity Service, which in turn has been configured to communicate to our OpenStack Object Storage Proxy Service and allows us to create, delete, and modify containers and objects in our OpenStack Object Storage environment.

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How to Create Containers

Log into a computer or a server that has the swift client package installed.


Carry out the following steps to create a container under OpenStack Object Storage:swift client package

Creating containers by using the supplied swift tool is very simple. The syntax is as follows:

syntax of swift

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This authenticates our user through OpenStack Identity Service using Version 2.0 authentication, which in turn connects to the OpenStack Object Storage endpoint configured for this tenant and executes the required command to create the container.

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