Using OpenStack Object Storage

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OpenStack Object Storage (OOS) is a highly available, distributed, eventually consistent object/blob store. OpenStack Object Storage (swift) is a service that provides software, which stores and retrieves data over HTTP. For a brief summary of it, go through its Introduction .

In the upcoming sections, regarding Usage of OpenStack Object Storage, we will cover most important topics like:

  • Installing the swift client tool
  • Creating containers
  • Uploading objects
  • Uploading large objects
  • Listing containers and objects
  • Downloading objects
  • Deleting containers and objects
  • Using OpenStack Object Storage ACLs


Now that we have an OpenStack Object Storage environment running, we can use it to store our files. To do this, we can use a tool provided, named as swift. This allows us to operate our OpenStack Object Storage environment by allowing us to create containers, upload files, retrieve them, and set required permissions on them, as appropriate.

So in this particular subsequent fields, you are going to get a clear idea about various usages of OOS.


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