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Introduction to the SAS Management Console - SAS BI

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The SAS Management Console

The SAS Management Console is a Java application that provides a single point of control for managing resources that are used throughout the Intelligence Value Chain. SAS Management Console’s single interface can be used to perform the administrative tasks required to create and maintain an integrated environment rather than using a separate administrative interface for each application in your enterprise intelligence environment.

enterprise intelligence environment

>>The SAS Intelligence Value Chain is a strategic framework for delivering enterprise intelligence, emphasizing the incremental value each component brings, and the strategic value gained from integrating individual components within the framework of an enterprise-wide strategy.
>>From data manipulation tools to business reporting, along with interfaces to unparalleled analytic capabilities, SAS delivers reliable and easy-to-use technologies that leverage historical investments to drive immediate results.

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  • Each component of the SAS Intelligence Architecture leverages the sharing of common metadata and a common repository.

  • No one component is isolated, because communication can occur wherever there is a need for metadata sharing and exchange.

  • All components take advantage of, and can utilize, metadata.

  • The exploitation of this centralized and shareable metadata further enhances the value achieved with each component while driving down the cost of implementation.

Tasks Managed by SAS Management Console

SAS Management Console can be used to manage a variety of tasks, including

  • server definitions

  • library definitions

  • user definitions

resource access controls

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  • metadata repositories

  • SAS licenses

  • job schedules

  • XML Maps

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Metadata Definitions

SAS Management Console manages resources and controls them by creating and maintaining metadata definitions for each resource or control.
The metadata definitions created in SAS Management Console are stored in a repository on a SAS Metadata Server, where they are available for other applications to use.

SAS Metadata Server

sas metadata server

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  • The SAS Metadata Server is a multiuser server that surfaces metadata from one or more repositories to SAS Open Metadata Interface client applications via the SAS Open Metadata Architecture.

  • The SAS Open Metadata Architecture enables separate applications to exchange metadata centralized management of an organization’s metadata resources.

  • The SAS Open Metadata Architecture is a general-purpose metadata management facility that provides common metadata services for applications.



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