Browser Client in the SAS Business Intelligence Platform

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Browser Client


SAS browser (thin) clients run in a Web browser by connecting to a Java Application Server or Servlet Container on the middle tier. Only the Web browser is installed on the local machine.

SAS Web Report Studio

SAS Web Report Studio is a Web-based, wizard-driven reporting tool.


SAS Web Report Studio requires data to be defined in an Information Map and does not work directly with a data table. Both tabular reports and graphs can be created using the Report Wizard or the Report Builder.

SAS Web Report Studio – Creating Reports

The Report Wizard uses a step-by-step process to help create a report.


SAS Web Report Studio – Viewing Reports


SAS Information Delivery Portal

The SAS Information Delivery Portal is a mechanism for delivering customized enterprise information to the right people at the right time.


SAS ID Portal – Pages and Portlets

The SAS Information Delivery Portal uses pages and portlets to deliver customized information.


SAS ID Portal – Pages and Portlets

The pages and portlets of the SAS Information Delivery portal can surface all types of information including information maps stored processes reports.


SAS ID Portal – Customization

The SAS Information Delivery Portal can be customized with logos, company colors, and so on.




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