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SAS Enterprise Guide 3 System Requirements

The following are the system requirements for installing and using SAS Enterprise Guide 3:
>> Internet Explorer 5.5
>> Minimum Operating System

        –  Windows NT 4.0 with SP6a

        –  Windows 2000 Professional with SP1

        –  Windows XP Professional

SAS Enterprise Guide 3

Some key features of SAS Enterprise Guide 3 include:

  • written in C#/.NET
  • usability studies result in redesigned user interface
  • ability to build project with the Process Flow Builder
  • Stored Process authoring.

Additional key features:

  • integration with SAS metadata
  • more code export options (option to save code/entire process flow with ODS statements for easy use with SAS/IntrNet)
  • more control over ODS output format and destinations
  • improvements to the OLAP Analyzer user interface including an MDX editor
  • more analytic procedures/tasks are included
  • tasks have been rewritten so that they can be used in other products.

MDX – Multidimensional Expression language.
Cubes can no longer be built in SAS Enterprise Guide.
Most of the tasks within SAS Enterprise Guide are also available for use in the SAS Add-In for MS Office.

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Interaction with SAS Application Servers

SAS Enterprise Guide 3 can use different types of application servers:

application servers

Establishing the Metadata Server

In order to use sas enterprise guide with the SAS Metadata Repository, you need to first identify the metadata server in the SAS Enterprise Guide Administrator.

  1. Select Start Ð All Programs Ð SAS Ð Enterprise Guide Administrator.

SAS Enterprise Guide AdministratorBy default, the SAS Enterprise Guide Administrator will display the Local server.
2. Select File Ð Manage Repositories to open the Repository Manager application.
If the Configuration Wizard was used to configure the SAS Installation, a SAS Metadata Repository already defined with the name ITConfig Metadata Repository should be listed.
3. Select the ITConfig Metadata Repository, then choose


4. Enter the user ID and password provided by the instructor.

5. To ensure that the correct metadata repository has been selected, select Browse next to the SAS  Metadata  Repository  ID field to open the Select Repository window.
6. In the Select Repository window, select Foundation.

Repository image select

Select ok
7. Select Save to close the Modify Repository window.
8. To make this repository the active repository, select it and choose set active

Repository manager

Setup SAS Enterprise Guide so that it uses the SAS Metadata Repository for servers and channels.
9. Select the Usage tab in the Repository Manager.
10. Select Use the active SAS Metadata repository in the Servers, Libraries, and Binders section.
11. Select Use the active SAS Metadata repository in the Channels section.

Active SAS Metadata repository

Select close to close the Repository Manager window.
12. Select File Ð Exit to close the Enterprise Guide Administrator.


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