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SAS ETL Studio CaseStudy – Adding A Source Table Definition In SAS BI

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SAS ETL Studio

Using the Source Designer

The Source Designer is a wizard that generates metadata for one or more selected tables, based on the physical structure of the table(s).

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The Source Designer can be used to specify metadata for any existing table, not just tables used as data sources for ETL jobs.

The Source Designer supports a number of specific data formats that have been licensed for a site. The specific format will often give better results than the generic format, which has not been optimized for particular kinds of data. Use the format that most closely matches your data whenever possible.

The Source Designer is an easy to use wizard interface.

SAS ETL Studio CaseStudy – Define Sources

Add a Source Table Definition

The next step in the implementation of the orion star marketing data mart is to define the source table to be used in the ETL process.

Select Source Designer from the Shortcut bar of the Sas ETL Studio
Select SAS as the metadata import source

Source Designer

3. Select Source Tables Library as the SAS Library.

Select  to access the Define Tables window.
4. Select the source table ORDERS from the Select Tables list.

Select  to access the Select Group window.
5. Select the Source Tables group

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Select  to access the Wizard Finish window.
6. Verify that the information is correct, then select Screenshot_1223?

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