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The SAS Management Console offers a single point of entry for a wide range of SAS System administration operations. Plug-ins to the SAS Management Console are used to perform certain administrative tasks. In SAS BI, learn how to create Java Clients.


BI Tools – Java Client

SAS Java clients run in a Java run-time environment (JRE) and are installed on the machine where they will be used.

SAS Management Console

The SAS Management Console provides a single interface for many administrative tasks for the SAS System. Specific administrative tasks are supported by plug-ins to the SAS Management Console.

Metadata Manager Plug-In
The Metadata Manager plug-in provides a mechanism to control the SAS Metadata Server.

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User Manager Plug-In
The User Manager plug-in is used to define and manage users and groups.

A user can be a member of one or more groups.
Server Manager Plug-In
SAS servers and spawners can be defined, configured, and managed using the Server Manager plug-in.

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SAS ETL Studio

SAS ETL Studio enables a data warehouse specialist to create and manage metadata objects that define sources, targets, and the sequence of steps for the extraction, transformation, and loading of data.

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SAS ETL Studio is targeted at the same user community that used SAS/Warehouse Administrator.

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SAS OLAP Cube Studio

SAS OLAP Cube Studio is used to create OLAP cubes. The Cube Designer provides a point-and-click interface for cube creation.

SAS Information Map Studio

SAS Information Map Studio provides the bridge between the data warehouse and the end user who builds reports from the data.


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