SAS Business Intelligence Client Tools

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by Vinod M
Last modified: November 19th 2021


Client Tier – Review

In the most basic terms, if an application is installed on the machine that the user is sitting at, that machine is the client tier.

There are three types of SAS client applications.

Types of SAS client applications

Differences in SAS Clients

BI Clients Used by Information Technology

BI Clients Used by IT Support

These slides represent an example of which BI tools might be used by each group and does not serve as a recommendation.

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BI Clients Used by Power Users

BI Clients Used by Power Users

BI Clients Used by Information Consumers

BI Clients Used by Information Consumers

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SAS Display Manager

The traditional SAS windowing environment, SAS Display Manager, is still available in SAS to develop and run SAS programs.

SAS Display Manager

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SAS Enterprise Guide 

SAS programs can also be developed using the point-and-click interface in SAS Enterprise Guide.

SAS Enterprise Guide


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