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Working with OLAP Cubes in SAS Enterprise Guide

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  • Last Updated February 14, 2017

SAS Enterprise Guide and OLAP

OLAP cubes can be viewed in sas enterprise guide with a new and improved OLAP Analyzer.

1.The OLAP viewer in SAS Enterprise Guide supports OLAP cubes from SAS®9 and MDDBs from SAS 8.2.
2. Neither OLAP Cubes or MDDBs can be created in SAS Enterprise Guide 3.
3. Cubes can be built using SAS OLAP Cube Studio or SAS ETL Studio.

Using the SAS Enterprise Guide OLAP Viewer

This demonstration shows how to use SAS Enterprise Guide to view OLAP data.

Select File Ð Open Ð OLAP Cube.
Enter the machine name provided by your instructor as the OLAP Server Name.
Select SAS OLAP Data Provider 1 as the Provider.

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a. Enter the user ID and password provided by your instructor.


The Open OLAP Cube window will display the available cubes in your Select OrionStar (click the check box), then select 

5. The OLAP Analyzer will display the cube and allow you to navigate through the dimensions.

To work with the OLAP Analyzer more easily, maximize that window by selecting View Ð Maximize Workspace, and turn off the Cube View Manager window by selecting 

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6. Expand both dimensions by selecting next to All  Time and All  Product.

7. Change the chart to a pie chart by right-clicking on the chart and selecting Chart Type Ð Pie.
8. Change the view of the pie chart by right-clicking on the chart and selecting Put Groups On Ð Stack.

9. Close SAS Enterprise Guide by selecting File Ð Exit (do not save the changes).

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