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Creating a Stored Process from a SAS ETL Studio Job - SAS BI

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Stored Processes and SASETL Studio

A stored process can be created from a SAS ETL Studio job using the Stored Process Wizard.

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Because most sas etl studio jobs do not create ODS output, stored processes created from SAS ETL Studio do not include the %STPBEGIN and %STPEND macros. If the SAS ETL Studio job does create ODS output, the %STPBEGIN and %STPEND macros can be added manually to the program created by the Stored Process wizard.
The Stored Process wizard saves the job in the file system using the specified name and source repository. Metadata is also written to the metadata repository describing the stored process.
The stored process can be deleted or modified with SAS ETL Studio by

  • right-clicking on the SAS ETL Studio job selection
  • selecting Stored Process
  • selecting the stored process name
  • selecting Properties to modify the metadata
  • selecting Delete to remove the metadata.

In order to run this stored process, the user must have authority on the operating system and the metadata to update the OrderFact table.  If the stored process is running on a Stored Process server, the user ID is sassy. If the stored process runs on a Workspace Server, it runs under the ID of the client.

Creating a Stored Process from a SAS ETL Studio Job

This demonstration shows how to create a stored process from an existing ETL Studio job.
Start SAS ETL Studio by selecting Start Ð All Programs Ð SAS Ð SAS ETL Studio, select the BIArchitecture metadata profile and enter the username and password provided by the instructor.

2. Expand Foundation in the Custom Navigation Tree.
3. Expand the Jobs group.
4. Right-click on Populate the ProductDim table and select Stored Process Ð New….
The New Stored Process Wizard opens.

5. Select  to add a new folder.
6. Name the new folder ETL Stored Processes.

7. Select 
8. Select the ETL Stored Processes folder and select 
9. Type Load the  ProductDim  Table as the name of the new stored process and enter a description and keywords (if desired).

10. Select SASMain – Logical Workspace Server as the SAS server.
11. Select  and create a new location for the Source Repository by selecting  and entering C:WorkshopwinsassbiovrETLJobs as the Location.

The directory C:WorkshopwinsassbiovrETLJobs must exist or be created on the operating system before completing the New Stored Process Wizard.
12. Select C:WorkshopwinsassbiovrETLJobs as the Source Repository.
13. Type the load productdim_sas as the Source file name.
This .sas file will be created in the specified location by the New Stored Process Wizard.
14. Select None as the Output type (default).

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15. Because there are no parameters for this stored process, select 
16. To edit the stored process, right-click on the job, select Stored Processes Ð stored process name ÐProperties….
17. To delete the stored process, right-click on the job, select Stored Processes Ðstored process name Ð Delete.

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