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by Ravindra Savaram
Last modified: January 6th 2021

This tutorial gives you an overview and talks about the fundamentals of Cognos.

What Is Cognos?

Non-Author Roles

In Cognos six non-author roles let users view stored reports, and Enhanced Consumers can also run reports:

  • Remote Recipient
  • Recipient
  • Active Report Recipient (casual disconnected use)
  • Consumer
  • Mobile Consumer (pure mobile device accns)
  • Enhanced Consumer (building block for higher level roles)


Author Roles

Cognos 10 includes many author roles that offer users varying levels of access to functionality. Seven author roles give users access to Cognos Business Insight Advanced (BIA), IBM Cognos Query Studio, IBM Cognos Report Studio, Cognos Event Studio, IBM Cognos Metric Studio, and IBM Cognos Analysis Studio. The following sections provide a brief description of each of the following roles and to what studios each role has access.

  • Business Author
  • Business Analyst
  • Business Manager
  • Advanced Business Author
  • Professional Author
  • BI Professional
  • BI Administrator

All of the roles discussed above, with the exception of the Active Report Recipient, provide access to Cognos Connection. The studios to which users have access depend on the roles the users have been assigned. As discussed, each role allows different access rights. Using Cognos Query Studio, cognos Report Studio, cognos Event Studio, Cognos Metric Studio, and Cognos Analysis Studio, you can create ad hoc reports, detailed reports, and notifications based on data, and you can monitor and analyze your data. Below table provides a graphical depiction of what roles have access to Cognos Connection and the respective studios.

Matrix Roles

A Matrix of Roles and How They Relate to Cognos connection and the studio

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Cognos Connection

Cognos Connection is the web portal by which users access COGNOS 10 AND THE STUDIOS. Depending on the role that you have been assigned, you can use the Cognos Connection portal to retrieve, view, publish, manage, and organize your organization’s reports, scorecards, and agents. The Administrator also uses the Cognos Connection portal to establish roles and user permissions and manage the Cognos Connection content.

Cognos Business Insight

Cognos Business Insight provides a workspace (canvas) where users can create their own dashboard using any object already authored in Cognos so content. All content that the user is permitted to view is presented as objects that can be easily dropped onto the workspace, allowing the user to create a fully personalized dashboard.

The Cognos Business Insight workspace is shown next:

Business Insight workspace

Cognos Query Studio

Cognos Query Studio, shown next, is an easy-to-use authoring tool with which you can quickly create simple queries form the data stored in your database without having the silks of a professional report writer. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can view, filter, sort, and format the data, modify the query layout, and add charts. Finally, you can save and share the queries you created with other people in your organization.

Cognos Query Studio

Cognos Analysis Studio

Cognos Analysis Studio, shown next, helps business users get fast answers to business questions so the organization can better understand product, customer, and organizational needs to react swiftly and stay ahead of the competition. Cognos Analysis Studio is best for exploring information in multiple dimensions and for deep comparative analysis.

Cognos Analysis Studio

Cognos Business Insight Advanced

Cognos business insight Advanced, new to cognos 10,is a module that combines cognos query studio and Cognos Analysis Stutdio. It provides a more robust authoring environment for business people who were limited by cognos query studio and cognos Analysis Studio.

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The following illustration show cognos BIA:

cognos BIA

Cognos Report Studio

With Cognos Report Studio, shown next, you can easily create pixel-perfect reports. You can create charts, maps, lists, repeaters, or any other available report type using static data from relational or multidimensional data sources. When you’re authoring reports (report writing), you’ll find that Cognos Report Studio is the most robust authoring environment

Cognos Report Studio

Cognos Event Studio

With Cognos Event Studio, shown next, you can establish a threshold or assign a specific event that sends a notification to the decision makers in your organization. You create agents that monitor your thresholds or event, and when the threshold is reached or the event occurs, the agent sends the notification. Notifications can include e-mails, adding information to the portal, or running reports.

Cognos Event Studio

Cognos Metric Studio

With Cognos Metric Studio, shown next, you can monitor and analyze your organization’s business metrics by creating a scorecard environment. Cognos Metric Studio allows you to establish criteria and then monitor your organization to see how it is responding as the criteria changes.

Cognos Metric Studio




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