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How to Create a data source connection using Cognos administration Portal

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Create the data source connections to the sample databases you restored. The data source information is used for connecting to the sample databases, and running the sample reports or using the sample package.

A data source connection supplies the parameters that IBM Cognos needs to connect to the database, such as the location of the database and the time-out duration. A connection can also include credential information and sign-on.

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Steps To Create A Data Source Connection Through Cognos Administration Portal

To create a data source through the Cognos administration portal, complete the following steps:

  • Open internet explorer browser
  • Type the following URL in the address bar
  • From cognos10 home page
  • From Administration
  • Select Administer IBM Cognos content
  • Select the Configuration Tab
  • From left pane select data source connections
  • From toolbar
  • Click on new data source (Upper right side of the screen)–
  • Enter the data source name as SALES_ORA
  • Click on Next
  • Select the type ORACLE from the list
  • Click on Next
  • Enter the following connection parameters
  • SQL*net connection string ORCL
  • User id scott
  • Password tiger
  • Confirm password – tiger
  • Click on test connection
  • Click on finish 

Deletion of Projects:

  • Browse to the location where the project has been created
  • Select the project SALES_ORA
  • Delete it.

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