What is Group Filter in Cognos

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by Ravindra Savaram
Last modified: January 30th 2021

A filter limits the information Cognos will retrieve for your report.

In general, you should always filter your report to ensure that it contains exactly the information you need. Often, you will want need many filters. Information must match all filters for it to appear on your report.

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Group Filter:

Group Filter: Applies a filter to groups in the report. Generally appears in the query of query explorer.

You can filter information at a higher level by using the Group Filters tab in the Filters window. When you apply a group filter to a report item say, Product type, product types that do not fit your specification are filtered out when you run the report.

  • A filter which applies to the group is known as group filter
  • Add the following items to the list
  • Product line
  • Product type
  • Quantity
  • Define group on Product line
  • Define total on quantity
  • From the menu bar, select data
  • Select filters
  • Select the edit filters
  • Select summary filter
  • Click on add
  • Select the radio button Custom based on data item Quantity
  • Click on OK
  • Select the operator >
  • Type the value 100000
  • Click on OK
  • Run the report
  • In the report, we can see Golf Equipment Total 99400
  • Now select Edit filters
  • Select Summary Filter
  • Select the scope value as Product line
  • Click on OK
  • Run the report
  • Now in the report, we can not see Golf Equipment
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Group Filter:


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