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Inline Prompt In Cognos

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Inline Prompt 

The inline prompt is a prompt embedded within a report, which is not prompted at run-time. User can directly select the values from the report output page to filter the records, he wants to see.

  • The prompt which is created on the report page itself

  • Create a list report with the following query items

  • Product line

  • Product type

  • Product name

  • Quantity

  • Revenue

  • Group on a Product line, Product type

  • Total on Quantity, Revenue

  • From toolbox

  • Drag the value prompt/text prompt

  • Drop on the report page

  • Click on Next

  • Choose the package item as Product line

  • Click on OKSubscribe MindMajix YouTube Channel

  • Click on Next

  • Click on Finish

  • Run the report

(Note: If you want to delete the prompt, you have to delete the expression also )

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Inline Prompt

Inline PromptInline Prompt 1Inline Prompt Inline Prompt 3Inline Prompt 4Inline Prompt 5

All value prompt:

  • Add the following query items to the list

  • Product line

  • Product type

  • Product name

  • Quantity

  • Revenue

  • Group on the product line

  • Define total on quantity, revenue

  • From Explorer bar

  • Select page explorer

  • Select prompt pages

  • From tool box

  • Drag the page and drop on the prompt pages window

  • Double click on prompt page1

  • From tool box

  • Drag the text box prompt and drop on prompt page

  • Select create a new parameter

  • Enter the name

  • Click on Next

  • Select the package item as Product line

  • Operator as =

  • Click on Finish

  • From tool box,

  • Drag the text item and drop inside the Block

  • Enter the text

  • Enter Product line ore All value

  • Click on OK

  • From data menu

  • Select filters

  • From detail filter tabs

  • Select the filter

  • Click on Edit

  • To the existing syntax

  • Or ‘ALL’ = ?PROD_LINE?

  • Click on OK — à  Save an run the report

  • Click on OK

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All value promptAll value prompt 1All value prompt 2All value prompt 3All value prompt 4All value prompt 5All value prompt 6All value prompt 7All value prompt 8All value prompt 9All value prompt 10All value prompt 11

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