Report Studio In Cognos

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Report Studio In Cognos

Creating List Report:

A list report shows data in rows and columns. You can apply a filter, summary, or calculation to manipulate the data that appears in the report.

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  • From insertable objects pane
  • Expand Product Query subject
  • Double click on following query items
  • Product line
  • Product type
  • Expand Orders Query subject
  • Double click on following query items
  • Quantity, Revenue
  • From Run menu–  Click on Run report

 Run report Run report_2 Run report_3 Run report_4

  • Tools menu — Select generated SQL/MDX
  • QDE – Query Definition Engine
  • The business query is translated into a SQL query by cognos server
  • The cognos server contains a component called QDE (Server component)
  • QDE (Query Definition Engine) translates the business query into SQL Query


Groups and roles represent collections of users that perform similar functions, or have a similar status in an organization. Members of groups can be users and other groups.

A group can eliminate duplicates within the column and display the data item value at the beginning of the control break

Frequently Asked Cognos Interview Questions & Answers

Sub Total:

Defining the total for each group is known as sub total.

Grand Total:

  • Select the Product line data cell
  • From structure menu
  • Click on Group
  • Select the Quantity and Revenue data cells
  • From Data menu
  • Select Aggregate
  • Click on Total

(Toggle – Group/Ungroup)



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