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A parameter map is a collection of Keys and Values that may be used to replace values during the execution of the query. Manually or depending on query elements, we may generate parameter mappings. This article will walk you through the process of creating parameter mappings in Cognos framework manager.

Parameter Maps:

Use parameters to create conditional query subjects that allow for substitutions when the report is run. Parameter maps are objects that store key-value pairs.

Parameter maps are similar to data source look-up tables. Each parameter map has two columns, one for the key and one for the value that the key represents. You can manually enter the keys and values, import them from a file, or base them on existing query items in the model.

It is a key value pair which allow to substitute a value at query run time.


Do not place quotation marks around a parameter value. You can use quotation marks in the expression in which you use the parameter.

The value of a parameter can be another parameter. However, you must enclose the entire value in number signs (#). The limit when nesting parameters as values is five levels.

When you use a parameter map as an argument to a function, you must use a percentage sign (%) instead of a dollar sign ($).

Assign an alias to a query item that uses a parameter map as part of its name and to add the multilingual names to the object in the Language tab (Properties pane).

Parameter maps can be thought of as simple data lookup tables. Each parameter map has two columns, a key column and a value column holding the value that the key represents.


Well, to construct your map, you can:

  • enter the keys and values (for your map) manually,
  • import them from an external file, or
  • base them on query items in your Meta model

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Creating a parameter map - Cognos


In the project viewer pane

  • From project
  • Select parameter maps
  • Right click
  • Select create
  • Click on parameter maps
  • Enter the name localemap
  • Click on import file
  • Click on browse to select a file which contains keys & values
  • C:/programfiles/cognos/c10/webcontent/samples/models/gosales_goretailers/lan
  • Click on finish

parameter maps

parameter maps 1parameter maps 2parameter maps 3

parameter maps 3parameter maps 4


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