Drill Through Report

  • It is a process of navigating from one report to another report or navigating from summary to detail.
  • To perform drill through, at least two reports are required

Ex: Master/Child reports

  • Master report contains Summary data
  • Child report contains Detail data

Master Report:

  • Create a list report with the following items,

Country, Quantity and save the report Parent Report, Child Report:

  • Create a list report with
  • Country
  • Staff name
  • Order method
  • Quantity
  • Revenue
  • Group on country, staff name
  • Total on Quantity, revenue
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Create A Prompt On Country

  • From data menu– à Filter — à Add
  • Define the following expression
  • Double click on country=?COUNTRY?
  • Click on validate — à OK — à  ok
  • Save as CHILD REPORT
  • Select country data item
  • From properties pane
  • Select drill through definition
  • Click on eclipse
  • Click on Add ( New Drill Through Definition )
  • Target report ( Name of the report)
  • Right side Report, click on eclipse
  • Select Child Report
  • Open
  • Click on edit button

  • From Method – Select ‘ Pass data item value’
  • From value – Select ‘Country’(Data item)
  • Click on OK — à  Click on OK
  • Save & Run the report

Create A List Report With The Following Query Items

  • Staff name
  • City
  • Fax
  • E-mail
  • Address
  • Create a prompt on staff name
  • Data menu– à  filter
  • — à Add Staff name — à  = ? Staff name ?
  • Save the report as CHILD1 REPORT
  • Select staff name data item
  • Right click on staff name data item ( Not on column name )
  • Click on Drill Through Definitions
  • Add– à  From Report
  • Select CHILD1 REPORT — à  Open
  • Click on edit button

  • Method – Pass Data Item value
  • Value – Staff name
  • Click on OK — à  Click on OK
  • Save & Run the report

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Drill Through Report:

Master Report

Child Report

Create A List Report With The following Query Items

Drill Through Bookmark

  • Navigating from one section to another section within the same report can be performed through bookmark


  • Create a blank report
  • From toolbox
  • Drag bookmark into the report page
  • Select bookmark property   Label
  • Source – Text   Label– à Click on Eclipse       Index– à Type
  • Click on OK
  • From the toolbox
  • Drag list on the report page
  • Insert country
  • From the menu bar
  • Click on report pages
  • Drag page and drop in report page
  • Double click on Page2
  • From the tool box
  • Drag the list on the report page
  • Insert the following query items
  • Country
  • Product name
  • Revenue
  • Group on Country
  • Total on Revenue
  • Select Country      ( Country column name)
  • From menu bar
  • Select structure tab
  • Click on set page break
  • Again from menu bar
  • Select structure tab
  • Click on section tab
  • From the menu bar, click on unlock symbol
  • From the tool box
  • Drag book mark beside country section
  • Select bookmark properties
  • Source type – Data item value
  • Data item value – Country
  • From menu bar
  • Select structure tab
  • ( Select the properties – Page body ) i.e. Cursor outside the report
  • Select Headers and Footers
  • Click on page header & footer
  • Select Footer
  • Click on OK
  • From the tool box
  • Drag text item and drop inside the footer
  • Type main page
  • And click on OK
  • Right click on MAINPAGE text item
  • Click on Drill Through Definition ( Properties Text Item )

Frequently Asked Cognos Interview Questions & Answers

  • Click on  symbol
  • Click on bookmark tab
  • From the source type list box
  • Select text
  • Select text eclipse
  • In text label
  • Type INDEX
  • Click on OK
  • Click on OK
  • Go to menu bar
  • Select view tab
  • Select report pages
  • Double click on page1
  • Lock the page object
  • Right click on Country List Column Body
  • Click on Drill Through Definition
  • Click on New
  • Select Bookmark Tab
  • Select source type – Data Item Value
  • Data item value – Country
  • Save the report
  • Run the report ( in PDF )

Drill Through Bookmark Report

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