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Merging of two data cells in Cognos

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Merging Data Cells:

  • Create a list report with the following query items
  • Order number
  • Order date
  • Product name
  • From toolbar, click on unlock
  • At the bottom of insertable objects pane
  • Select the toolbox
  • Drag the block object
  • Drop inside the order number item values
  • Select the order date item values
  • Drag & drop inside the block object
  • Delete order date data cell
  • Select order number header text
  • Delete it by using the toolbar
  • From toolbox
  • Drag the text item
  • Drop inside the header cells
  • Enter the text order info
  • Click OK
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IBM cognos report studio

IBM cognos report studio 1

IBM cognos report studio 2

IBM cognos report studio 3

IBM cognos report studio 4

IBM cognos report studio 5

IBM cognos report studio 6

IBM cognos report studio 7

IBM cognos report studio 8

IBM cognos report studio 9

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You can make reports more meaningful by adding descriptive titles, headers, and footers. Within these elements, you can include text, picture objects, and variables.

Add a header or footer to make a report easier to read. Headers and footers are containers in which you can add objects like text, images, and report expressions such as the current date and page numbers. You can add headers and footers to pages and lists. Headers and footers contain important information such as the cube name, the report name, the names of dimensions, and page numbers. When you insert a cube filename, the path and directory where the cube is located are also inserted.

A header displays the value within the list container

  • Add the following query items to the list report
  • Country
  • Staff name
  • Sales target
  • Actual revenue
  • Select the country header cell
  • From structure menu
  • Click on Group
  • From structure menu
  • Select headers & footers
  • Click on Create Header
  • Select the Country header cell
  • From toolbar, click on delete
  • Select the header which you created
  • In the properties window set font properties
  • Save & run the report

IBM cognos report studio 10

IBM cognos report studio 10

IBM cognos report studio 11

IBM cognos report studio 12

IBM cognos report studio 13


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Last updated: 28 Apr 2023
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