Cross Tab reports :

Crosstab reports provide another perspective on the same data you see in the list report. It show information in a more compact form than in a grouped list.

They are dimensional objects that have row edges and column edges. Each edge is composed of a set of crosstab nodes. Each crosstab node contains the following:

  • One or more crosstab node members.
  • Zero or one nested crosstab node, which contains one or more crosstab node members or nested crosstab nodes.

A crosstab report shows a measure at the intersection of each row and column.

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This is useful for showing more information in a smaller area.

For example, if a report shows Product line as columns, Country as rows, and Quantity as the measure, the value at the intersection of each column and row shows the quantity of units sold for that product line and that country.

Cross Tab reports

  • Cross tab reports are the best reports for the comparative analysis
  • Each and every cross tab contains rows, columns, measure zones
  • There are 4 types of cross tabs

1) Basic CrossTab

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Total )
Order year (Column )
—————————————————————————— Product Type(Rows)                            Revenue (Measure) (

2) Nested Cross tab

on columns)
Product Line (Nested
Product Type
Order year, order month                                         Quantity (Measure ) (Nested on rows)                        (Total )

3) Union Crosstab:

Product Type
Product Line(Total),
(Union on columns)

Order Year, Order Method                                          Revenue

(Union on rows)                                                   ( Measure)

  • Drag and drop crosstab space from toolbar between Product Line, Product

Type between Order Year and Order Method

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4) Asymmetric Crosstab reports:

1 , 2                                                        5

Asymmetric CrosstabAsymmetric Crosstab 1Asymmetric Crosstab 2Asymmetric Crosstab3Asymmetric Crosstab4Asymmetric Crosstab5

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