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MSBI Advantages and Its Data Evaluation Stages - MSBI

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MSBI Competitive Advantages

1) It is a single suite for end-to-end business solution.

2) It has extended capability for extraction, transformation and loading.

3) low-cost TCO [Total cost of ownership]

  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to maintain
  • Cheaper price

4) Highly scalable – It supports multiple instances to connect o the server without sacrificing its performances.

Before 2008

  • Instances                         
  • Linearly                      

2008 onwards

  • Instances
  • Performance(server)

The BMI is said to be a “linear scalable application” due to having CMS (central management server) and PBM (Policy Based Management) servers. (“2008R2”).

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Full compatibility between the components of MSBI

– All components runs in the single runtime called ‘CLR’ [common language runtime].

i.e., it is having similar coding, Notation (naming).

– Full support to .Net, XML. and web services (universal language)

– MSBI provides very good support to the semiware house application (if we are reusing OLTP functionality in the warehouse.

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Data Evaluation Stages

System TypeTime TakenNo.of rows it operates
OLTP(Online Transaction Processing)Ex: Immediate operations booking tickets, movie tickets etc…SecondsLess
DSS(Decision Support System)Ex: The no. of saving account opened in year 2009 and 2010Minutes/ hoursMore
OLCP(Online Complex Processing)Ex: Loan ApplicationMinutes/hrs/daysMore
OLAP (Online Analytical Processing)Minutes/hrs/daysMore

OLTP and DSS are Traditional systems

OLCP and OLAP are Modern systems

 Ex: The no of saving accounts opened for the years 2009 & 2010 every month-wise and every location of INDIA & SINGAPORE.

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