Reporting Services Configuration Files – SSRS

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Configuration Files

Reporting services stoves configuration settings in various configuration files

If we change the configuration files information automatically reporting services work with these settings.

This configuration files are useful when migrating from one environment to another environment

RS web application. Config:

Here settings of a report related to report manager available

RS Report Designer. Config:

Here settings related to report manager, report server, subscriptions, security, caching …. Etc are available

Navigation:-  Start menu → search option → All files (or) folders → rs report server. Config → click search

To check out the config. Results go to SQL server visual studio → open and see the XML settings, for manager, server, subscriptions… etc.


  • To change the settings admin privileges required
  • These files are created at the time of installation
  • Changes in these settings are not recommendable.

Command line utilities and their usage

RS config: It manages and encrypts connection Settings in the server.

RS Key management: It processes the server encrypted key set and writes to the file

RS adive: It creates the encryption key to activate the server.

RS: It automates common server management tasks like

a) publishing the report

b) configuring the report ….etc

Syntax:-  RS – I < net script file > <Report server>

Eg:- rs –I party. Css

Note:- RS. Rs key magmt …etc are web services

  • [Display. Alternative color to alternative rows?]

Go to the fields (select all the required rows) select text box properties → Fill → fill color:

[    ]   [ Fx ]

  • Set expression for : background color: =IIF (row number(nothing) mod2, “light green”, “light blue)
  • Displaying the specified no of rows in every page

Sol:- Write the below expression in the group expression so that for every 25 records it take a break

=INT ((Row number (nothing) -1) / 25)

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