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How to Publish Report to a Report Server in SSRS

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Publish Report

 Publish Report

            Note:-   Before publishing ensure the following settings

a) solution explorer → project → properties →
Overwrite Data sources: False
Target Data source folder: Data Sources
Target Report Folder: MRG_REPORT
Target server URL:HTTP://RAWAN-8080/REPORTS  DWH
b) Configuration manager
Project contexts (Check the project configuration to build or Deploy
project                configuration                     platform                          Build                  Deploy

 solution explorer
Debug → publishing to test environment
Debug local → Previewing the report in the local
Release → Publishing to production server
c) The user who is publishing the report should belongs to publisher role

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Developer responsibilities:

  1. Creating & working with standard, complex, Adhoc reports by using report server   project, report builder
  2. Parameterization, actions
  3. Report manipulations, various data regions, report items
  4. Expressions, calculations writing
  5. Data sources, datasets, connectivity
  6. Linked reports……etc.

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DBA (or) Super user (or)Managers Responsibilities:

  1. Publishing reports
  2. Subscriptions
  3. Snapshots, caches
  4. Folders, data sources creation
  5. Report definition pupation security….etx

 Managers Responsibilities

Complex creation:

1) Complex single report with queried, non queried, cascade multi value, drill through and drill down processes.
2) Create partial dashboard by using cross tab (or) Matrix reports
[various actions implemented]

Frequently Asked MSBI Interview Questions & Answers

SSIS in complex implementation (or)creation:

1) SCD manual implementation
i) class rooms

 SSIS in complex implementation

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2) Multi files loading using forced load
3) Multiple worksheets loading through script task
4) Incremental loading
5) Optimized mapping using various performance tuning methods

 Optimized mapping

6) Error loading records splitting

 Records splitting

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