MSBI Installation Steps

H/W Requirements
1) Ghz Pentium – III Compatible (or) faster processor (2GHZ (or) faster recommended).
2) 512 MB of RAM (or) more (2GB or higher recommended).
3) 2.1 GB free hard disk space for SQL Server installation files and samples.

S/W requirements
1) A Compatible operating system.
Many versions of windows server and desktop OS, including win XP2 or later, win server 2003 (with sp2) , windows vista and windows 2008.

•  Click “Setup” –> Select first option from the window opened i.e., New SQL New SQL Server stand-alone installation (or) added features
•  Click on the –> Required components
•  Instance Configuration.
•  Server configuration   

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Specify the same account, password for all the below services (or) different  user id, password for each service.

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  1. SQL Service Agent
  2. SQL Service Database Engine
  3. SQL Service Analysis Services.
  4. SQL Service Reporting Services.
  5. SQL Service Integration Services 10.0

Note:- Before Installation process we should have a valid user account and password.

•  Data base configuration.
Authentication mode –> Select mixed mode (SQL Server  authentication & Windows authentication).
Built – in SQL server system administrator account user name:-
•  Reporting services  configuration –> Select “Install the native mode default configuration” option
•  After by clicking the option it asks user id & password specify & click next

Frequently Asked MSBI Interview Questions & Answers

Tools for MS-BI

a) BIDS (SQL Server Business Intelligence Development studio)
This studio is required to work with IS, AS & RS applications
Navigation: Start –> Programs –> SQL Server 2008 –> SSBIDS

b) SSMS (SQL Server Management studio) 
This  is useful to work with IS, AS, RS, SQL Server mobile and normal data bases (Managing and for firing queries on the databases, it is useful).
Navigation: Start –> Programs –> SQL Server2008 –> SSMS

c) Command Line utilities
           –> DTUTIL EXEX
           –> RS CONFIG

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