SSAS Analysis Services Cube Deployment Methods

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SSAS Cube Deployment

There are many to deploy cube objects (or) cubes


b) Deployment wizard

c) XMLA Script

d) Synchronize Database wizard

e) Backup and Restore

f) Analysis Management objects(AMO)

Option Recommended Use
BIDS Deploying the latest changes to your local server for Testing
Deployment Wizard Deploying to a Test (or) production environment when you need more granular control
XMLA Script Scheduling a Deployment task
Synchronize data base wizard synchronizing two cubes, such as a staying cube and a production cube
Backup and Restore Moving a cube from one server to another
Analysis management objects(AMO) Handling deployment programmatically




Output path :- bin/



Processing option: Default

Transactional deployment: Fal


Server: <server name to be deployed>

Database:  Text__fact__cube__DB


Deployment wizard:


Now the “analysis service database” deploys in the specified in the server.

Note:- This wizard deploys (.as database) analysis services database file, as created in the output directory by project build

Using XMLA Script:

  • XMLA refers to “XML for analysis services”
  • This is the frequently used mechanism in real time.
  • It contains cube name, server name, dimension, fact tables and their attribute names etc..Objects information.

This information is useful to modify/add current /new settings.

1) Navigation:-  (Creating an SMLA Script file)


Go to the file & monitor the Details.

2) Using XMLA Script:-

  • Go to XMLA script file
  • Do the changes whatever required, save file
  • SSMS → open → file → specify XMLA script file path → open
  • Execute the script
  • Observe the cube data base in the specified server according to the settings.

Backup and Restore

a) BACKUP:- SSMSà analysis services à cube data base à RC backupà

backup file: 9AM new.abf Browse

Password: VINAY

CONFIRM password: VINAY à ok

b) RESTORE:- Analysis services → Data base → RC → Restore-

Backup file: Browse to 9AM – new abf

Restore database: VINAY _ 9AM_NEW

Password        : VINAY

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