TextBox Properties in SSRS 2008

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Working With TextBox Properties  

  • Each and every cell in a text box
  • Text box is having below properties

(a) fx Expression → here we write expressions to display the data according to the expression in the column

Ex:- party income increment by 121

Sol:-  rt click on selected column → In expression window → Set expression for: value → = fields! Party income value *12/100

The below options properties we use an expression


Expression Items:


Statement:- Many reports

Date functions:- =Today () → displays current data

Adding months:- = Date Add (“D”, 6, today ())

= Date Add (“M”, 6, Today ())

= Date Add (“Y” 6, Today ())

Display year of the date:-  = year (today ())

String functions:

=fields! Party name. value & VBCRLF → Enter char & Fields! Partyloc.val

Length of a string:

= LEN (Fields! Party name.value)

=right (fields! Party name.value, len (fields ! party name.value)

-(Inser(Fields! Part name.value, “\”))

EG:- VINAY/HYD à o/p :- 9-6=3 of Right  i-e., HYD

=CSTR (Fields! Party name. value, “\”) àIt converts into string (i.e, it changes the numeric value from one position to another position (i.e, left to right & vice versa)

Decision Expressions:

IIF:- IIF (condition. <success statement>, <fail statement>)

SWITCH:-  SWITHC (condition, stmt1, cond2, stmt 2, cond.3, stmt3,

NOTHING:- It is NULL value in visual basic

Row Number:- Displays the row number of a row in the report

Report Functions:

SUM;-  It totals the values in grouping and data regions. This function can be useful in the header (or) footer in the table

=SUM (fields lines total.value, “party income”)

Page Header & Footer Functions:

a) Built in functions.

b) First / last / sum …Etc

Page Break Expression:

EG:- Required a page break for a group for every 25 rows

=INT (RowNumber (Nothing) -1) /25

Custom Code

We use this code in report by embedding the report (or) store in a custom assembly which is used in the report.

Custom functions:

There are many functions available in reporting services but still if we want to write a custom function we can write

EG:- Adding a function call get coloured and using it

Sol:- Report Menu à Report properties à CODEà

Public Function Get color (By VAL P code GS string) as string.

IF p Code = “10” then

Return “YELLOW”


IF p code = ‘20” then

Return “RED”


IF Pcode = “40” then

Return “Green”


END Function.

Go go color section ie., Expression in party code box

= code. Get color (fields! Party code. Value)

TextBox Properties


a) General

Name: Partycode

Value: patycode

Tool tip → Options

b) Number → Here it set number and date formatting option

c) Alignment → Horizontal & vertical alignment with left and right  side padding options

d) Font

e) Border

f) Fill → It changes the background color, images …etc

Ex:- Displaying different background colors for different party code values

Sol:- IIF (fields! Party code. Value <=20, “red”, “Green”

g) Visibility

h) Interactive Sort: → It does interactive sorting on the column based on the use action

Click the option → enable interactive sort on this text box → detail row.

Sort by : party name

Click ok.

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