Working with SSRS Reporting Services Configuration Manager

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SSRS Configuration Manager

Generally this tool is available for administrators to configure the reporting services components and items




1) Service Account: It specifies or takes built –in Account (or) windows domain user account to run the report server service

2) Web Service URL:

This is report server URL, if we want to change we can change it

Virtual directory: Report server

Click apply

Default URL :- http:// <servername> : <portNo> / Report server name>

3) Report Manager URL:

Default URL:- hhtp://<server name>:<perent<Reportmanager>

Eg: Error! Hyperlink reference not valid.> : <8080> / Report_DWH.

4) Databases:

It takes and displays report server data bases

Default: Report server DB.

Report server Temp DB.


Start à programsà sql server 2008 à management studio à database engine à<observe databases>

New database creation:

Change databaseà nextà servername: Localhost à Database name: Report server )DWH à Next à next à finish.

5) Email Settings:

These settings are useful, required at the time of subscription and delivery it requires below settings

Sender address: MSBI vimy@gamil.com

Current SMTP delivery: USE SMTP server method

SMTP server : click Apply


From the specified mail ID on the specified server the mail sent to the corresponding recipients.

6) Scale Out Deployments:

In Real time these are two types

  1. Single server deployment à Report server and database on same machine
  2. Scale out deployment à Report server and database on different machines


Scale Out Deployment:


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